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One Fish Two Fish
By Rah (
Scully on maternity leave.
(Angst, pregnancy, holidays, dead fish ** PG ** 33K)
Queequeg's Rec: Rah writes a wonderful story capturing Scully's grief and clutches at independence and strength after Mulder's abduction using his fish as her anchor. Terrific.
The Future
By Rain (
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 10K)
Langly's Rec: Rain writes sparkling dialogue in this wrenching yet playful glimpse of Mulder and Scully post "The Truth." And it features music to boot!
Something In Between
By Rain (
What happened between "Three Words" and "Empedocles"? Changing graveyards, a kicking baby, death, resurrection, and flirting over pizza, among other things.
(MSR, A, Doggett ** PG-13 ** 72K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Mulder and Scully were getting to know each other again in many ways at this point in season eight, and Rain does a marvelous job of capturing their confusion, fears, and hope. Mulder in particular is terrific in this story with his quirky humor, odd theories, and sweet streaks.
An Anonymous Family
By Gina Rain (
My attempt at taking a sad song, and making it better.
(S, A, MSR (sort of) ** PG-13 ** 25K)
Melissa's Rec: It's difficult to describe this story without giving too much away. But I can say that the bonds of family are at the heart of this beautiful, moving tale set after "The Truth."
Cannibals and Chlorine: A Love Story
By Gina Rain (
Mulder experiences separation anxiety.
(M/S UST ** PG ** 11K)
Queequeg's Rec: Gina's touching take on Mulder's feelings after Scully's return in "One Breath" might just make your throat tighten, too. Lovely and sweet.
Golden Chances
By Gina Rain (
Mulder. Scully. Atlantic City. Gambling. Disorganized crime. Psychics. Spirits. Soul mates. Take your pick. It's all in there.
(X, MSR ** R ** 122K)
Langly's Rec: Gina writes a charming casefile where the city and the people found there are almost as interesting to read about as the familiar characters. It's only "almost" because in this case centered on love, Mulder and Scully are the delectable main attraction, testing and evaluating their changing relationship.
By Gina Rain (
Scully is ready for a romantic holiday weekend and finds herself part of a strange threesome.
(S, MSR ** R ** 20K)
Queequeg's Rec: I'm still the most special dog to grace either of their lives, but Harold the dog does them good too in this sweet, funny story about pets and coming together.
The Hundredth Day: Poetry Man
By Gina Rain (
Some days, it's hard for a girl to control her desires.
(MSR ** PG-13 ** 21K)
Byers's Rec: Mulder's past (and possible future) with poetry is revealed in this conversation-heavy story that's probably more about Scully than Mulder. Scully often seems very hard-edged, and Gina's exploration into when that veneer cracks is methodical, rational, and emotionally strange enough to be believable for Scully and a wonderfully romantic story for us. This story begins a series, which you can find here.
The Last Picture (by the fork in the road)
By Gina Rain (
Feeling unsettled? Get back in the damned car.
(UST ** PG-13 ** 23K)
Roche's Rec: Gina writes a charming story chock full of excellent conversation and banter as Mulder and Scully both find a little bit of Dreamland still stuck with them.
Nights of Shining Armor
By Gina Rain (
A tale of shared dreams, fractured fairy tales and great expectations gone awry. In short, Mulder and Scully investigate a serial kidnapping case.
(Casefile, MSR ** R ** 104K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: This story is another of Gina's casefiles that are always appealing and feature very likeable versions of Mulder and Scully, but this story includes an Internet mailing list aspect that makes it particularly interesting to read because it's something that most readers of fic can identify with.
On a Star Spangled Night
By Gina Rain (
Think the X-files meets Love American Style. Well, not really, but it's a catchy summary for once, dontcha think?
(MSR, casefile-ish ** NC-17 ** 34K)
Max's Rec: This story is so charming and one that I think is impossible not to love. Gina wonderfully builds on the carefree, romantic promise of the final scene in "The Unnatural," but it's her fantastic dialogue that really hits the spot.
No Light
By Gina Rain (
Mulder takes care of Scully as she recovers. Or is it the other way around?
(S, A, UST ** PG-13 ** 14K)
Langly's Rec: Scully helps Mulder get through a dark time after the events of "Tithonus" in this insightful, UST-laden story.
Soup for One
By Gina Rain (
A tale of dreams and desires.
(MSR ** PG-13 ** 13K)
Exley's Rec: Scully finds herself feeling very alone after "Detour," and Gina writes a sad yet bravely hopeful story about how Scully handles that loneliness (with help from Mulder, of course).
The Third Sacrifice
By Gina Rain (
Mulder and Scully run into a little girl who claims to have been his daughter--in another lifetime.
(X, MSR ** PG-13 ** 57K)
Max's Rec: An interesting, well-written X-File that brings an old case back to the fore for Mulder and Scully.
By Rachel Howard ( and Karen Rasch (
Strange doings in a tiny western town bring Mulder and Scully out to investigate. Once there, they uncover a deadly experiment that may cost both of them their lives.
(XRA ** NC-17 ** 412K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: There isn't much that this story doesn't have going for it: high adventure, surprising twists, dastardly deeds, and tantalizing romance. It has all that plus marvelous writing. You cannot lose with this one!
Coming Back 1 and 2
By Karen Rasch (
1: Mulder gets a call from Mrs. Scully, who fears for Dana's safety. Following her instructions, he tracks his partner to a cabin in the mountains where he finds that she does indeed need his help. Memories of her time away have come back with a vengeance. 2: Scully tries to come to terms with her own vulnerability and her feelings towards Mulder.
(SRA ** PG, R ** 94K, 75K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Mulder taking care of a curiously impaired Scully is a beautiful thing, especially when it's Karen telling the story. She writes Mulder and Scully at their flawed, romantic best.
More Than Nothing
By Karen Rasch (
Scully reaches out to Mulder. Things are changing between them. But are either of them ready for it? (This is the third "Wonderland" story. A series of stories set during the Cancer Arc, "Wonderland" examines Scully's coming to grips with her disease and how her discoveries affect her relationship with Mulder. The earlier tales in this universe are "Of Cabbages & Kings" and "Impossible Things," and the last is "Joining the Dance.")
(SRA ** PG ** 72K)
Ahab's Rec: Karen writes one of the most beautiful explorations of Dana's ties to the water, to Mulder, and to her own self in this wondrous story. While it can stand on its own, you'd be missing out on some of the best romance, angst, and joy in all of fanfic were you to skip the other stories in the series (or were you to not take this opportunity to read them once again).
Now and in the Hour
By Brandon Ray (
Requiem post-ep. "Sometimes I dream about a bright, white place."
(VRA, MSR implied. Character death (not Mulder or Scully). Religious content. ** PG-13 ** 19K)
Max's Rec: Through an unlikely narrator, Brandon provides what I'd call a realistic interpretation of what it's like in the bright, white place of abduction hell.
Flight Delay
By Megan Reilly (
No summary
(MSR ** Not rated ** 19K)
Max's Rec: If the annoyance of a delayed flight makes Mulder and Scully talk as roundabout and act as impulsive as this, I wish that they would have had a lot more delayed flights.
Way Beyond Blue
By Jori Remington (
One lonely night can change everything.
(SRA, MSR, post-ep for 'Per Manum' ** NC-17 ** 30K)
Tooms's Rec: This story delves into the aftermath of Scully's failed IVF attempt with realism and angst.
The Dreaming Sea
By Revely (
A spectacular sighting in a seaside town brings Scully and Mulder face-to-face with a salt-water surprise.
(X, UST ** PG ** 126K)
Ahab's Rec: You'd be hard pressed to find many stories written more beautifully or more emotionally than this one. Revely makes you care about her characters with such simple ease, and combined with the UST and intriguing casefile, the story's a joy to read.
Grand Gestures
By Revely (
Disappearing jocks, soaring temperatures and a sweaty Mulder and Scully. All of this and still safe for the underage!
(X, A, UST ** PG-13 ** 114K)
Exley's Rec: There's little more enjoyable than Mulder and Scully undercover except maybe Mulder and Scully flirting undercover. Revely writes UST like nobody else, and this casefile doesn't disappoint in the sexual tension department nor in the appeal of the investigation itself.
In the Water
By Amanda Rex (
Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of a psychic child. During the case, they each must confront issues from their past.
(XR ** NC-17 ** 215K)
Boggs's Rec: Oh my, what this story doesn't have going for it. There's a good, flowing writing style that's smooth and easy to read, there's delicious romance, there's bad guys galore, there's a case that personally involves Mulder and Scully with ties back to the mytharc through Emily and Scully's chip, and there's a psychic young girl who's devastatingly easy to care about. What are you waiting for? Go read!
Keeper of the Rock
By Riptide (
Mulder and Scully travel to Maine to investigate strange weather disturbances. A remote lighthouse seems to hold the key to both the investigation and Mulder's recurring nightmares.
(X-File, T, A, M/S Friendship, some UST ** PG-13 ** 129K)
Ahab's Rec: This story differs from many I'm recommending because it's more about Mulder, rather than my daughter, seeking truth and comfort by and from the sea. It's also an X-File and about confronting personal demons, told in a clear, crisp style bursting with detail and emotion.
By RivkaT (
A multiple murder case in Maine tests Mulder and Scully's partnership.
(XA, UST ** R ** 201K)
Ahab's Rec: Mulder and my daughter are both written so well in "Acadia" that it'll break your heart, and the oceanside setting is described to paint a perfect, beautiful picture of it in your head. That starts to describe this story, but it's much, much more than that - it's a tremendous ride from beginning to end.
And Dance By the Light of the Moon
By MustangSally ( and RivkaT (
Halloween (mind) candy.
(SRH ** NC-17 ** 22K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: It's hard to choose the best part of this story, though it might be Mulder saying "I am not carrying a dead guy without pants." Or maybe the ridiculously apt Mulder and Scully cavorting in a cemetery. Or maybe it's the wicked ending that makes this story such a treat.
Ball Four
By Jean Robinson (
Playing by the rules doesn't always mean you win.
(S ** PG ** 56K)
Exley's Rec: Now this is what I mean about baseball being the best game, a great pastime, and a reason to give up all you know to play the game. Jean writes fun baseball, and playful and smart Mulder and Scully to go along with it. Until a little accident, that is, but the story continues its quick, interesting pace. Plus, there's a special brush with the afterlife!
By Jean Robinson (
Everyone needs a little protection, especially when they think they don't.
(S ** PG ** 28K)
Max's Rec: Jean explores the time around Mulder's abduction and how Scully may have found out about it. Her characterizations are wonderful, especially for the Lone Gunmen.
The Psychic
By Kelli Rocherolle
Mulder and Scully play mind games.
(VH ** G ** 8K)
Boggs's Rec: The air is so thick with sexual tension in this story that it takes a psychic to get Mulder and Scully close to touching it...and each other. This one's short, sweet, and full of promise for the characters.
E-mail Poetry
By RocketMan
Mulder and Scully have a fight, then make up by e-mail.
(MSR, A ** G ** 11K)
Byers's Rec: Rocketman takes a fairly unrealistic scenario involving cryptic notes and poetry and makes it sweet and romantic. It's fitting for Mulder and Scully that one day something just snaps and they're suddenly able to communicate, especially when that communication still doesn't require them to actually talk out loud.
Midst Of Space Part 1 and Part 2
By Rocketman
Mulder and Scully and the lights inside a planetarium.
(Angst, MSR ** Not Rated ** 17K)
Samantha's Rec: Fox feels invincible among the stars and thinks about his favorite little sister. Scully thinks about another young girl, someone dear to her heart. The stars align.
The Natural
By RocketMan
Baseball in the night.
(MSR ** Not rated ** 9K)
Exley's Rec: I love the explanation Mulder gives in this story for liking baseball and basketball. It makes even more sense after "The Truth."
The Ashes That Remain
By Elizabeth Rowandale (
Mulder and Scully's intense manhunt for a serial killer mixed with Scully's long weekend with her family, brings to light a number of unresolved issues.
(S, A, M/S UST ** PG ** 83K)
Melissa's Rec: The summary describes well what happens in this story, but it doesn't quite capture the story's beautiful emotional range, floating between comfort, fear, forgiveness, insecurity, and love with grand ease. While you can read this story on its own, you may want to read the two that precede it, Among the Ashes and Rising From the Ashes, because even as they do not discuss my family, they help set the stage for both the plot and the emotions of this story. Also, this story series concludes in Brushing Away the Ashes.
Another Night in Roswell
By Elizabeth Rowandale (
Post-ep to "The Truth". Shadows and light and whispered words. The rest of the night in the motel room in Roswell.
(Story, Angst, MSR ** R ** 23K)
Samantha's Rec: Their reunion, like so much else in their lives, was bittersweet, and Elizabeth beautifully captures both the pain and the joy of Fox and Scully's first night back together.
By Elizabeth Rowandale (
A rough night in a station house in Jersey.
(Story, Angst, M/S UST ** R ** 30K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Elizabeth has a terrific handle on Mulder and Scully, describing their mannerisms, thoughts, doubts, and desires with such refreshing clarity and depth. This story reads like a scene you wish you saw onscreen.
Water's Edge
By Elizabeth Rowandale (
Believing Mulder dead, Scully slowly moves on to a new life (or an old one). But perhaps the adventure has not yet ended...:)
(S, A, R, Scully/Other, MSR ** NC-17 ** 970K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Elizabeth's years-in-the-works WIP is done! The story starts with the tried and true X-Files theme of Mulder being dead...or is he, brings Daniel Waterston back into Scully's life, and follows Scully through a spellbinding two year journey, a tumultuous mix of horrifying and joyous events after Mulder disappears. It's not always an easy tale to read, but the writing is so crisp, clear, and emotionally charged that it's a very compelling, engaging story.
Novus Ordo Seclorum part 1, part 2
By Rebecca Rusnak (
The Date has come. In a post-Project world, mankind has been enslaved and largely silenced. For over three years Scully has existed in a dark netherworld of slavery. Voluntarily entering this hell, Mulder goes in search of her.
(TRA ** NC-17 ** 174K)
CSM's Rec: You can feel Mulder's and Scully's pain in this sometimes gruesome, sometimes hopeful, and always angstful story about the will to survive and the endurance of love.
The Way Through the Woods
By Pellinor ( and Rebecca Rusnak (
Three months ago, someone noticed something unusual about Scully. Now, in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable, Mulder has disappeared, and Scully's only chance of finding him include an unlikely ally and an untrustworthy informant. As they make their way through the woods, can Mulder and Scully find each other, or is the future lost?
(TA ** R ** 203K)
Boggs's Rec: This is a story packed with mytharc intrigue, emotional and physical pain, trusted and untrusted loyalties, deep angst, and curious psychic powers. It's fantastic! The sweeping plot is well developed and involved, and every character is distinct and well-drawn, but I think Mulder is particularly fascinating and spot-on.

Just Go to the Graveyard and Ask Around
By Sabine (
The Scully he knows versus the Scully he doesn't.
(MSR ** PG ** 23K)
Tooms's Rec: Mulder and Scully are simply spot-on perfectly characterized in Sabine's story about Mulder's doubts, Scully's illness, and their future. It's a mytharc story, it's a romance, and it's a joy to read.
Above Minnesota
By Cecily Sasserbaum
After the events of Theef, Mulder and Scully take a San Francisco-Washington DC flight home. It's all about conversation, kids.
(S, R, Post-Ep (Theef), MSR, Scully POV ** PG ** 17K)
Max's Rec: This is one of my favorite stories because it is clever, it follows up an episode in a surprising but entirely possible way, and it delivers some of the most genuine innuendo and UST I've ever seen in fic. If Mulder and Scully ever had a conversation about their relationship, I hope it was just like this one above the clouds.
The Good Fairy
By Cecily Sasserbaum
Krycek and Marita are bad, bad, bad. They're also getting it on. (It's not slash, whatever the title implies.)
(Krycek/Marita, implied MSR, Krycek POV, S, A, R ** R/NC-17, but just barely ** 21K)
Max's Rec: Cecily's story is a little about abduction, a little about seduction, and a lot about Krycek. He's devious, smart, and manipulative in the wake of Mulder's return.
Passion Fruit
By Lynn Saunders (
There is no place she'd rather be.
(MSR, RST, Post-Ep for both "Amor Fati" and "Millennium" ** R ** 23K)
Exley's Rec: Lynn weaves a very nice romantic tale that fits well between elements we saw on the show. Particularly sweet are the apples - you'll see.
Beyond Aching
By ScamBeliever (
Mulder braves what he believes is his last chance.
(S, A, MSR, post-colonization ** PG ** 35K)
The Great Pumpkins's Rec: Mulder struggles with himself and with Scully over what their relationship does and could mean in a post-col world in this angsty, aching story that hurts, but in just the right way.
By Suzanne Schramm
Sometimes you don't know where you're going until you get there.
(No classifications ** NC-17 ** 38K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: It doesn't have to rain sleeping bags in this story for Mulder and Scully to get lucky in the woods. When they're annoyed, lost, and thinking too much as they are in this story, Mulder and Scully don't get any more entertaining.
Dark Water
By Suzanne Schramm
Prehistoric insects. Mothmen. Now it's a publicity-shy tribe of murderers. Just another nice trip to the forest with Mulder.
(XRA, UST ** PG-13 ** 101K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: This story's plot twists and turns almost as much as Mulder's and Scully's emotions do in this harrowing trek through a forest. The UST in this story crackles in the best way possible, and once you start reading, you won't be able to stop until you ride the rollercoaster tale all the way to the end.
By Suzanne Schramm
A Scully ditch provides the opportunity to get some real answers in the quest for the truth.
(X, Myth, UST/A ** PG-13 ** 162K)
Boggs's Rec: Scully takes a front and center role in the search for the truth, and it's an amazing story. It's not just Scully that's terrific here, it's the way that this story is written with such angst, quiet humor with regard to Scully's new thoughts, superb dialogue (Mulder and Scully are perfect!), and a very cool and intricate take on the mytharc that works everything together in a way that the show never quite did.
The Fox and the Howned, Parts 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3, 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, and 5
By SciNut (
A psychotic serial killer from Mulder's past returns for vengeance.
(A, SMT ** R ** 209K (52K, 49K, 36K, 52K, 24K))
Diana Fowley's Rec: A very creepy, scary, and merciless killer Mulder once profiled with Reggie Perdue is back seeking revenge in this chilling series of stories. With good-sized doses of investigative pursuit and Mulder Torture, these stories may not be for everyone, but they're terrific at building an ominous mood and maintaining tension. It's also interesting to read about the characters in stories written so early in the run of the series because so much has changed, especially with Scully's family.
Neptune's Ocean
By M. Sebasky (
"Orison" post-ep
(Scully, POV Angst ** PG ** 7K)
Ahab's Rec: This story differs from most of the ones dealing with Dana's relationship with the ocean because here, in one of her ultimate moments of crisis, it's more of a menace than a comfort. It may be a short story, but it packs a lot of realistic punch.
I'm Not Really a Waitress
By Seema (
Post-series vignette. Sequel to When Stars are Bright.
(V ** Not rated ** 25K)
Langly's Rec: Life on the road, waiting for the end of the world, is bound to take its toll. In this angsty story, part of an excellent series set after "The Truth," Seema realistically explores Scully's frustration and weariness. The whole series (starting with Mosaic and Another Day) is worth checking out, but this story can easily stand on its own.
In Trutina
By Seema (
Doggett receives a postcard. Takes place several months after the events in "The Truth".
(Doggett/Reyes with shades of MSR ** Not rated ** 15K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: I love the character relationships in this story. Everyone is amidst complicated, uncertain, and even dire situations, but there's a measured ease and calm throughout the story thanks in large part to Seema's excellent voice of Doggett.
Belmont, Ohio, 3:36 P.M.
By Sarah Segretti (
A minivan, some classic rock and a trunk full of baby gear. All is not as it appears.
(VRA ** PG ** 19K)
Langly's Rec: A truly delightful yet devilishly sad story following Mulder and Scully sometime after "Requiem," this one will leave you not knowing whether to laugh or to cry but knowing that you just read a terrific story with great dialog and ideas.
Lunch with Tara, Dinner with John
By Sarah Segretti (
What Scully did while Mulder was trashing mailboxes, planting flamingos and drinking orange juice.
(SA with memories of R, ScullyAngst ** PG-13 ** 52K)
Melissa's Rec: Sarah takes us back to the tense days following "Two Fathers" and "One Son" in this angsty, insightful story set during "Arcadia." Our sister-in-law Tara makes an appearance, as does our nephew, Matthew.
Out of Our Minds
By Sarah Segretti ( and haphazard method (
Two very private people suffer through the ultimate invasion of privacy: Mulder's new and unwanted sixth sense.
(Story, Angst ** PG-13 ** 72K)
Boggs's Rec: This story is an excellent reason why post-episode fic should exist (in this case, for "Biogenesis"). The authors take a fascinating part of the show's story, Mulder's mind reading capability, and run with it to create a fantastically angsty and emotional story that perfectly fits in with the X-Files universe it's so terrifically characterized and wonderfully plotted.
She Who Watches
By Sarah Segretti (
At least he made chocolate pie.
(VA ** R ** 9K)
Padgett's Rec: The characterization in this story is so good that you'll probably be able to perfectly picture the words being said and the actions being done. Sarah writes an interesting mix of happiness and sadness in a holiday story that runs the emotional gamut.
Mediocrity's Allure
By Jill Selby (
As Scully and Mulder investigate a series of child homicides, Scully is forced to make an agonizing decision.
(XA ** Not rated ** 187K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: Jill's Scully is marvelous, everything that's great about Scully but that can also be a cause of her downfall - she's confident, strong, caring, intelligent, and determined. The story itself is fabulous too. It's interesting, tense, and well-constructed from the very beginning where it all starts for Mulder and Scully with a child taken from an amusement park.
By Annie Sewell-Jennings (
A mother and a daughter.
(V, A, Mulder/Scully UST ** PG ** 16K)
Ahab's Rec: Annie writes about two of my favorite women and one of my other loves, the night sky over the ocean at night, and creates a touching, kind, and vivid picture of happiness.
Snow Blindness
By Annie Sewell-Jennings (
No summary
(Mulder/Scully ** R ** 12K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: How wonderful to have a new X-Files story by Annie! This post-colonization story is packed with emotion, angst, and romance that blasts out in practically every sentence. And the ending is so, so perfect.
By Shalimar
Scully & Mulder's thoughts, post Emily
(Angst, MSR ** R ** 16K)
Ahab's Rec: Dana wants to cry, and before you're done reading, I bet you will want to cry too. I can't say enough about the great dramatic heights of angst and romance in this wonderful story set on the California ocean shore.
Playing Goddess
By Shalimar
We're never too old for fairy tales.
(No classifications ** NC-17 ** 29K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Anybody who has read X-Files fanfiction for any measurable amount of time has probably already read this story set mostly in a lake in the middle of the woods, but it's always worth reading again. Mulder and Scully's fairy tale conversation of metaphors and the ensuing smut is classic.
By Shannon (
A serial killer is on the loose in Baltimore. Mulder (and Scully) are called in to assist the Baltimore Homicide Squad in profiling - and finding - the killer before he strikes again. Fox Mulder and Johnny Munch in the same story. Need I say more?
(Crossover (X-Files/Homicide:Life on the Street) ** PG-13 ** 218K)
Byers's Rec: This is a stellar investigative, crossover, Mulder as profiler story, and poetry is at its heart. The partnership of Mulder and Scully is an interesting contrast - and wonderfully highlighted as such - to that of Pembleton and Bayliss. This gritty, compelling story will suck you right in, even if you're unfamiliar with "Homicide" or "The X-Files."
By shannono (
Mysterious poems begin arriving at Scully's apartment.
(Story, Erotica, Mulder/Scully Romance ** NC-17 ** 35K)
Byers's Rec: If you're looking for a good, emotional story with heavy heapings of romance and smut, look no further. Plus, it's first time fic!
Indulging in Normal
By shawntaw (
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 12K)
Max's Rec: I can absolutely imagine the events in this story happening, and I'd like to think that they did sometime after Scully goes into remission. So many bad, crazy things happen to Mulder and Scully that it's very nice to read such a thoroughly charming, quietly moody story about them taking a little respite from the craziness of the X-Files for themselves and for each other.
By shawntaw (
With Mulder she can fly.
(No classifications ** G ** 11K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: Mulder is too sweet for words in this story that's a little bit sad but that's even more delightful.
By Shaye (
Getting through the night together is far more perilous than this. Otherwise known as The One Where Scully Actually Gets Some.
(Mulder/Scully, Doggett/Scully, Doggett/Reyes, implied Scully/Reyes. Radical tense shifts. ** PG-13 ** 21K)
Tooms's Rec: Everyone is a little bit unsure, lost, and lonely amongst friends post "The Truth." Scully is particularly well written as a sad, hurt, yet hopeful soul in this story that shows a dark side of the characters and how they might be affected by the traumatic events they all endured.
Something in Common
By Polly ( and SLS (
"I'm a man who values the truth, remember? That's something we do have in common."
(S, Angst ** Not rated ** 33K)
Melissa's Rec: Mulder and Doggett both lost a son, albeit in different ways, and it's good to see a story finally grab that connection and use it to bring a sort of peace to both Mulder and Doggett even as they're in the midst of the turmoil of "The Truth."
Falling Snow
By Snark (
Mulder, Scully and a mysterious woman from Mulder's past crash in the snowy landscape of the Colorado winter.
(SA, UST ** PG-13 ** 336K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: Anything I say won't be enough. This story brings out the best of Mulder and Scully in a thoroughly charming, exciting way, and Mulder's friend from years ago is a mysterious delight. The writing style is very clean, easy, and engaging. There's achingly romantic UST. Just read this story.
Goodnight, My Angel
By Snark (
No summary, other than to say it's post-Ascension.
(No classifications ** G ** 7K)
Ahab's Rec: Snark writes a sad tale of longing and hope that perfectly portrays Mulder while his partner is missing.
By Spoon3
Can you ever really recover what's been lost? Does it matter? Mulder and Scully deal with those questions and encounter major angst, bad dreams, hard truths, and a pack of Ring Dings (in a cameo role).
(SA, M/S UST ** R ** 110K)
Boggs's Rec: This is a seriously cool story. Not only does it wonderfully capture the delicate care Mulder and Scully take to maintain their relationship of alternating closeness and distance, it taps into Scully's latent psychic powers that we occasionally saw on the show. How everything fits together is a marvel and a joy to read.
By Sarah Stegall (
Mulder and Scully are in to investigate what may be a man made of fire.
(XR, Scully/other romance ** NC-17 ** 120K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Don't let the /other part of the story scare you away from it - leave that to the fire. Sarah writes about forest fires like they're a character in their own right, which in a way they sort of are in this spooky X-File where a bit of MSR creeps into the mix. It's especially fun to read this story thinking about its season two context, where the canon in season one's "Darkness Falls" and "Fire" play large roles.
The Dig at Site 16-Alpha
By David Stoddard-Hunt (
In the resistance struggle, salvation may come from a great distance.
(S, A, Post-col ** PG ** 37K)
Boggs's Rec: The text can be a bit dense at times, but fans of sci-fi should appreciate the story as an interesting post-colonization scenario. But wow, it's the ending that packs the greatest punch.
Her Days, Dipped as if in Karo Syrup
By David Stoddard-Hunt (
Pre-partum depression.
(S, A, R ** PG ** 24K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: Scully mourns losing Mulder and anticipates having a child in a detached, almost scientific way in this story, and it seems so very Scully and feels just right in a sad, sad way for this particular time in her life.
Shelter in a Time of Storm
By David Stoddard-Hunt (
...a rock in a weary land, a shelter in a time of storm.
(S, A, MSR ** PG ** 38K)
Melissa's Rec: Well in the future, a third party provides a loving look at Mulder and my sister's relationship with the help of my mom. Saccharine yet sad, this story provides a nice look at families and their similarities through the generations.
Open Sea
By Vickie Moseley ( and Summer
Mulder and Scully's journal entries during the episode "Beyond the Sea".
(S ** PG ** 159K)
Padgett's Rec: Mulder and Scully are so young and innocent in many ways during their first year on the X-Files, and their journals well capture their excitement and awe at their jobs and with each other against the backdrop of a particularly meaningful case.
By J. C. Sun
Mulder dreams.
(VRA ** PG-13 ** 6K)
Roche's Rec: This story reads like a dream with short bursts of words and images that may at first seem confusing but end up creating a lovely, tortured picture of Mulder during a particularly trying time.
Places: Carnival
By J. C. Sun
Come break my mirror.
(VA, M/K ** R ** 17K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: There's a perfect wrongness about this story. Mulder and Krycek are very gritty and desperate, their clandestine meeting is absurdly set at a jolly carnival, and even though it maybe shouldn't work, it does.
By J.C. Sun
On the beach.
(VR ** PG ** 4K)
Ahab's Rec: I can't say too much about this story because in just 4K, J.C. Sun packs in many twists and turns as Mulder and my daughter spend some time together by the water. You may want to read the next story in the series as it too follows Mulder and Scully at the ocean with a healthy heaping of romance tinged with uncertainty and maybe regret.
By Supernova (
Post-Ep for Orison
(No classifications ** PG-13 ** 7K)
Tooms's Rec: In this vignette, Supernova explores Scully's vulnerability and need for Mulder in the aftermath of Pfaster's "Orison" return.
Einstein's Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation (Or, Reading TXF Through Scully's Couture)
By suspect affiliations (
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 51K)
Max's Rec: The idea of Scully's X-Files tenure being tracked through or defined by her clothes may sound a little strange, but suspect affiliations makes it thoroughly engaging, wholly plausible, and delightfully romantic. Spanning from before "The Pilot" to after "The Truth," you'll be able to picture Scully and really feel her pain and her happiness in this terrific story.
A Feynman Diagram
By suspect affiliations (
Post "Nothing Important Happened Today"
(No classications ** Not rated ** 16K)
Padgett's Rec: The beginning of season nine is a very tumultuous time for Scully and Mulder, and this story captures the insane highs and lows of the time with great emotion, sweetness, and high angst.
Empathy, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
By Swikstr (
While on a research assignment in Chicago, Mulder and Scully stumble upon a mysterious individual who may possess a remarkable parapsychic ability. Their association with her leads to a few new discoveries and pathways into their existence.
(X ** PG-13 ** 145K)
Boggs's Rec: The apparent psychic ability in this story isn't just a cool curiosity, it's something that uniquely reveals the deepest of emotions for both Mulder and Scully. Be prepared for a fascinating X-File ride from start to finish with healthy, wonderfully tense doses of partner relationship issues that perfectly flow within the story. Also, if the scene in the Treatment Room isn't considered a sexual tension classic, it should be!
A Halloween Confection
By syn (
A Halloween X-File mystery in the office.
(H ** PG ** 9K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: The lighter sides of Mulder and Scully are exposed in this comical tale. Scully especially is a joy to read about as she's so happy and witty.
By syn (
An unexpected death begins a terrible journey for Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, one that threatens to tear their faith, their beliefs and their partnership apart.
(TA ** R ** 163K)
Melissa's Rec: This story is simply amazing with its depth of emotion, twists of deception, and combination of familiar characters. Truly, this story will keep you enraptured and breathless.
Blood Oranges
By Syntax6 (
The latest victim in a series of brutal murders has a surprising connection to Mulder, but it's Scully who has the connection to the killer. Their relationship might not survive either one.
(SRA ** NC-17 ** 282K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: Terrific characterization, a truly creepy X-File plot, captivating romance, and excellent writing are hard to find on their own and even more difficult to find all in one story. This story has it all and is a real gem.
By Syntax6 (
It's hot as hell in Woodsbury and her birthday is coming 'round again. Ellie contacts the one man she knows who will believe her, the man who had saved her from certain death years before.
(Everything ** Not Rated ** 312K)
Max's Rec: It's good to still see long, intricate casefiles and original characters in new fic. This story is at times scary, at times tense, and always enjoyable.
Split the Lark
By syntax6 (
No summary
(No classifications ** NC-17 ** 387K)
Ahab's Rec: New novel-length stories are nowadays all too rare a treat. This one offers great looks at the characters of Dana and Mulder, testing the incredible depths of their partnership, as they deal with not one but two personally relevant investigations.

Fall: East on M St.
By Tabula Rasa (
No, she said. Mulder, it's Saturday.
(V, S POV, M/S something ** PG ** 8K)
Exley's Rec: Scully is so adorable trying to enjoy her free weekend time. Her thoughts in this story as she thinks about Mulder toiling in the basement feel very real and very Scully.
Things Outside
By Tabula Rasa (
Mulder and Scully and their house.
(S, AU, MSR ** PG-13 ** 28K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: Tabula Rasa calls this story "AU high weirdness," which it is, in the most fantastic way possible. It's a wholly odd, implausible-feeling story but at the same time it's smart, romantic, eerie perfection.
Love Letters
By TCS1121 (
Some things are supposed to happen.
(X, Angst, MSR ** R ** 67K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This casefile is a great ride from start to finish, mixing a tantalizing, puzzling mystery with smart smatterings of the trials and tribulations of romance. Although this story is part of a virtual season and has backstory, I think it stands perfectly well on its own.
In the Bleak
By Teanna (
In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan/Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone.
(S, Post-colonization ** PG-13 ** 32K)
CSM's Rec: In this story, colonization doesn't strengthen Mulder's or Scully's resolve to fight or a encourage a gathering of will. Rather, colonization hurts, and that is painfully, honestly described in this story.
Atomic-Powered Sex
By Ten (
As colonisation sweeps the land, salvation is at hand.
(V, MSR, H ** PG-13 ** 19K)
CSM's Rec: This is not your typical post-col story. Through a very humorous scenario, Ten provides an answer to at least one question that many people, including you, probably wondered about for years.
By Ten (
What do you do when a vengeful psychic lets loose embarrassing info about your partner, then, as an encore, reveals one of your own dark secrets?
(V, A, MSR ** PG-13 ** 42K)
Boggs's Rec: Mulder and Scully are spectacularly good at hiding their feelings from each other and even at burying them deep inside themselves, so it makes sense that they're finally forced to confront them only because of third party intervention. Particularly when that intervention takes paranormal form like in this story's psychic. Ten writes a good mix of tension, respect, concern, and love that holds the story together well.
By Terma99
Who wouldn't dream of spending two weeks on a private island with a tanned, naked Mulder?
(MSR ** R ** 38K)
Ahab's Rec: Terma mentions the inspiration for this story as wanting to take Mulder and Scully to a particularly romantic and idyllic place. It's a joy to read about the comfortable intimacy and simple, and at times very passionately heated, love the two share on a remote island.
Cadenza, part 1 and part 2
By Terma99
Mulder and Scully return to San Francisco to protect a cursed violin virtuoso whose life is endangered by mysteries from the past.
(X, M/S-UST, Mulder/Other, slash ** NC-17 ** 631K)
Langly's Rec: Music infuses this amazing novel. With clear, crisp writing, a complicated, well-developed, and engrossing original character, and a vast, detailed casefile, Terma99 creates an immensely enjoyable tale that will not only intrigue you but teach you a lot about music, history, and Mulder.
Year's End
By Thea (
No summary
(No classifications ** PG-13 ** 12K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Thea writes pitch-perfect season four cancer arc angst in this dark, sad story that finds Mulder and Scully off on an investigation they're not very invested in even as it vaguely, ominously parallels their own lives.

By Unicorn83 (
The crash of a small private plane leaves Mulder and Scully stranded in the Adirondack Mountains with only their thoughts to pass the time waiting to be rescued.
(TR, Mulder/Scully romance ** PG ** 33K)
Max's Rec: It's a UST-filled story sort of like "Detour" but written years before that episode aired and including Mulder in boxer shorts. I love the simplicity, ease, and comfort of Mulder and Scully's night after a traumatic day.

The Wish I, II, and III
By viXen (
I: On St. Patrick's Day, Scully is given the opportunity to see how life could be different had alternate paths been chosen. II: Mulder takes a drive that sends him on an unexpected journey. III: Mulder and Scully face the implications of their dreams.
(SRA ** NC-17 ** 212K [64K, 89K, & 59K])
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: An absolutely fantastic series that tackles the big Are Mulder And Scully Fated Mates question with great writing, surprising scenarios, and terrific smut. It doesn't exactly feature time travel, but it's so good that Mulder and Scully being in different, alternate times is close enough to match the theme.

A Rose In The Deeps Part 1 and Part 2
By K.B. Yeats (Kelley Walters and Brighid (
Scully receives a great-aunt's journal, and an invitation to stay in a haunted house. With them comes a new understanding of loss, and second chances.
(S, A, MSR, ghost story ** PG ** 247K)
Padgett's Rec: An interesting mystery of sorts finds Scully and Mulder in this layered story that reveals its secrets slowly, one by one, with sweet old-fashioned emotion.
In My Right Mind
By Wayward (
Post-episode story for "Biogenesis."
(S, UST ** PG ** 11K)
Boggs's Rec: Wayward artfully gets into Mulder's head and writes a very interesting and believable take on his internal dialogue after his brain surgery in "Biogenesis." What's best, though, is whose head Mulder gets into and what's "said" while he's there.
By Adam Webb
Follow up to "Fire." Set in England, it features Cecil L'ively and Mulder's old flame, Phoebe Green.
(XR ** PG ** 84K)
Tooms's Rec: Mulder and Scully are tasked with escorting Cecil L'ively back to England, and he is not happy. This story gives a tense, scary view at the psyche and actions of Cecil. It also weaves in personal insights and resolutions for Mulder and Phoebe that are very believable and, maybe because this is an early X-Files story, is refreshing in its characterization of Phoebe.
The Magicians Series Books I-IV and Book 3.5, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4
By Jennifer Lyon ( (I-IV), Suzanne Bickerstaffe ( (All), and Matthew Weed ( (3.5)
The series begins with Book I: Mulder and Scully investigate the appearance of a strange creature in an MIT laboratory, and find themselves drawn though a vortex into another world - a world where magic works - a world that is threatened by a terrible darkness.
(Adventure, Romance ** NC-17 ** 3.5M [741K, 689K, 1M, 573K, 495K])
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: There's nothing else like this epic tale. I hope you have A LOT of spare time in 2004 to read this most intricate and intriguing of X-Files stories.
By wen
strange rain-coloured snapshots of moments following scully's return from her abduction, season 2
(V ** Not Rated ** 13K)
Max's Rec: Using dreamy language, wen paints a stunning picture of Mulder and Scully through a series of connected thoughts and scenes. Gorgeous.
Under Construction
By Amanda Wilde (MaybeAmanda) (
Alternate post season 8.
(MSR, AU, A, S ** PG-13 ** 76K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Mulder and Scully are both having a difficult time adjusting to William and their new life, but this story is primarily Mulder's. It's packed full of angst, confusion, and sorrow, but that helps make it feel more real for these wonderfully flawed characters and is what ultimately provides the story's payoff.
Dead Fish
By Rachel Wilder (
Another death makes it hard for Scully to move on.
(Post This Is Not Happening ** PG ** 9K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: In this great melancholic story, Rachel does a wonderful job of capturing how pained and lost Scully is without Mulder but with his child. Focusing on something small like his fish seems just like something practical Scully would focus on when she's so personally distraught.
Any Moment
By winter baby (
Through the years, the moments.
(VRA, DRR, Reyes/Follmer ** PG-13 ** 10K)
Exley's Rec: This story's disjointed style works for the story it's trying to tell: Reyes's muddled relationships with Follmer and Doggett over her years in the FBI. It's a bittersweet yet hopeful story, much like Reyes herself.
Five Moments of Truth and Trust
By winter baby (
One suitcase full of money, two star-crossed assassins, three sex scenes, four mentions of Mulder, and five ways it never was.
(SRA, K/Ma ** R ** 31K)
Roche's Rec: The situations are desperate, the language oozes with honesty and hurt, and the main characters are hard to like but we like them anyway, much like how they feel about each other. A fascinating, well-woven story.

By Xactly (
Standing in a burned out office. A time for reflection.
(V A ** R ** 15K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: There's a sort of desperation and confusion about Mulder here as he thinks about Scully and what loving her has meant and will mean. It well fits the trauma at the end of season five.

A Rose In The Deeps
By K.B. Yeats (Kelley Walters and Brighid (
Scully receives a great-aunt's journal, and an invitation to stay in a haunted house. With them comes a new understanding of loss, and second chances.
(S, A, MSR, ghost story ** PG ** 247K)
Padgett's Rec: An interesting mystery of sorts finds Scully and Mulder in this layered story that reveals its secrets slowly, one by one, with sweet old-fashioned emotion.

Nothing Apart
By Dyann Zimmerman (
What happened after the events in 'Orison'.
(Post episode (Orison), MSR, RST ** R/NC-17 ** 97K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: How Mulder and Scully each deal with the professional aftermath of "Orison" is just as important in this story as how they deal with the personal, emotional fallout. Dyann does a good job balancing these two oftentimes clashing interests and writes a very engaging, angsty, and tender tale.
Across the Void
By Zuffy (
Scully finds a surprise at Mulder's apartment.
(MSR, A ** PG-13 ** 19K)
Max's Rec: Post Requiem, Scully's alone, but in Zuffy's touching story, she finds some much needed, sweet comfort.
False Memories
By Zuffy (
Two years have passed since Mulder left. And then a woman walks into a bar.
(MSR ** PG ** 24K)
Langly's Rec: An old song playing in the background at a bar is just one clue Scully receives about a stranger's identity in this story. Zuffy writes with a great understanding of Scully's vulnerability and strength, as well as with a fine attention to detail.
Hieroglyphs of Memory
By Zuffy (
Mulder didn't forget his sister, Scully knows whose baby it is, Maggie still cares about her daughter, and the brain disease makes sense after all. This story is for anyone who has gnashed their teeth at the inexplicable holes in Season 8.
(MSR, angst ** PG-13 ** 49K)
Padgett's Rec: Samantha Mulder's diary figures prominently in this mysterious and bittersweet tale set after the events of "This is Not Happening."
Night Song
By Zuffy (
A woman awakens on a couch.
(V, MSR ** PG-13 ** 12K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Zuffy beautifully captures the languid, romantic tone at the end of the episode "all things" and continues Mulder's and Scully's journey toward each other in this enchanting story. There's even some supernatural style humor about Mulder's bedroom thrown into the sweet romantic mix.

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