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Thunder in the Air
By Tasha Abrams (
Released back into society, Monty Propps begins a campaign of violence against the man responsible for imprisoning him. But when they begin their investigation, a new threat arises against Mulder and Scully. Sometimes, the faceless monster isn't the only one you should fear.
(TA, slight MSR ** R ** 135K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: If you've ever wondered about Mulder's breakthrough case and you're looking for a well-characterized, tense, fast-paced, unsettling, and tightly-written casefile featuring a haunted Mulder and an almost equally haunted and driven Scully, this story's for you.
Convergence At Baker Street
By Jeannine Ackerson (
M&S are thrown through time and wind up helping Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve a puzzling case while they hope to find a way home in the process.
(UST ** PG ** 80K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: If you don't think too much about how Mulder and Scully should maybe be more concerned about getting home than the murder mystery they find in another time, this story is a fun romp. Mulder is particular amusing while working with Sherlock Holmes.
The Western Stars
By Val Adams (
(Post-col ** NC-17 ** 81K)
Samantha's Rec: Everybody likes cowboys, men in dusty old clothes fighting bad guys on horseback and sleeping under the stars. Especially when those men are in a post apocalyptic world, have intriguing motivations, and include Krycek and Skinner.
Interim and Interim II: Liaison
By Denise Agnew (
I: On Halloween Scully overhears a passionate exchange between Mulder and another woman...or does she? II: Dreams link Mulder and Scully in a bizarre new way and test the strength of their beliefs and relationship.
(X, UST, Angst ** PG and PG-13 ** 18K and 26K)
Roche's Rec: When Scully gets jealous, she gets suspicious and things get interesting. Denise combines dreams, understanding, an X-File, and amusing dialogue in these quirky, fun, and surprising stories.
By Ainon
Mulder and Scully come to investigate multiple deaths in one family.
(S, H ** R ** 30K)
Boggs's Rec: Ainon writes a twisted tale from a unique third person (psychic) point of view that captures the wonderful investigative rigidity we've come to love in Mulder and Scully.
The Case of the Reluctant Pathologist
By aka "Jake" (
Ever hear the X-File about the Rabbit-Man of Arizona? No? Well, get dressed in your comfiest PJs, make a nice cup of Sleepytime tea, and let me tell you a little bedtime story...
(MSR, X ** PG-13 ** 94K)
Queequeg's Rec: Mulder tells Scully a twisted tale while on a stakeout in what itself is a twisted tale in the best sense of the word.
Split Second
By aka "Jake" (
While investigating a kidnapping case on an island off the coast of Maine, Mulder and Scully are separated -- by 178 years. Scully is desperate to solve the case and get Mulder back to the present.
(X; R; A ** PG ** 100K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: The casefile in this story is mystical and intriguing, and it's fun to read a story featuring a nice, old-fashioned mystery. But most enjoyable in this story is the comfortable, caring, and easy rapport Mulder and Scully have with each other as evidenced by their amusing banter and desire and devotion to be together.
Zero Gravity
By aka "Jake" (
One down-to-earth woman. One man with his head in the clouds. A romance made in heaven? Fate is in the stars.
(MSR; RST; Post-Ep for "Space"; AU ** NC-17 ** 20K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: It is quite a feat to redeem the episode "Space" in any way, but this story does with a wedding, a dance, and a kiss that leads to more.
Me in Honey
By alanna (
"I get the feeling that once I go back, I won't remember anything about this, so I'm writing it down so that I can remember."
(XRA ** R ** 20K)
Max's Rec: Original and unique in its perspective, alanna's story gives a peek into the fear and loneliness Mulder might have gone through during his abduction.
By allimarie (
Axiom: A self-evident and necessary truth, or a proposition whose truth is so evident at first sight that no reasoning or demonstration can make it plainer.
(VRA, Mulder/Scully UST ** PG ** 22K)
Byers's Rec: The more I think about and revisit this story, the more I like it. It's full of excellent, UST-loaded conversation between Mulder and Scully, and allimarie wonderfully captured not just their speaking tone and style but their intelligence and fears. As a bonus, it fits this week's poetry theme, with both Mulder and Scully revealing how they feel about and how they interpret poetry. Marvelous!
Silence, Sea and Sky
By Anonymous (feedback to
Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of a young girl who may be the fourth victim of a serial killer and complications ensue when Mulder believes that the girl's sister has psychic abilities.
(XA ** R ** 98K)
Boggs's Rec: One of the best things about this story is that it's not just Mulder who's profoundly distressed and consumed profiling a serial killer - Scully is too. Their dynamic is particularly realistic and moving here, and the casefile it revolves around is also nicely layered and exciting.
Eleventh Hour
By Rachel Anton (
Some feeling defy the confines of time.
(S, R, MSR, angst, kinda sorta an x-file, pre x-files ** NC-17 ** 202K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: What's amazing in this story is that Mulder and Scully are younger versions of themselves yet they're both completely recognizable and full of the traits they matured into at the ages we saw them on the show. Also amazing here is the tender, sweet romance and the animalistic way Scully finally makes up her mind.
Exquisite Corpse
By BoneTree ( and Alcott (
Sometimes dreams become reality. Or are they already?
(Vignette, Angst, MSR ** R ** 29K)
Roche's Rec: The confusion, pain, and comfort for Mulder and Scully during and after the events of season seven are explored through dreams and memories in this disquieting yet wholly romantic story.
Guitar Hero
By Alicia K. (
Mulder's been returned, but with a new . . . uh, quirk.
(H ** PG ** 11K)
Langly's Rec: In one of the funniest X-Files stories you'll ever find, Alicia's Mulder is more occupied with music than I have ever been.
Looking for America and Marry Our Fortunes
By Alicia K. (
In a post-colonization world, a lonely woman named Kate befriends a lonely FBI agent with a dark heart. I wonder who that is? --and-- Sequel to "Looking For America." Kate and Mulder arrive in Vancouver, only to be used again as pawns in the game.
(Post-colonization, major character dead at the beginning of the story, Mulder/Other, Angst ** PG-13, R ** 46K, 158K)
CSM's Rec: What would you do at the end of the world? Would you have the strength to do anything? Looking for America explores these questions through a woman easy to sympathize with because of Alicia's smooth prose and clear descriptions. In Marry Our Fortunes, Scully's not physically around, but she's definitely present and that makes it all the more difficult for both Mulder and Kate to adjust to their new lives in this more mytharc-based sequel.
By Alien Girl (
The disappearances of several children send Mulder and Scully into a case where fairy tales are more than just tales...
(Case-File and Poetry ** PG ** 79K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: It's incredible that Alien Girl was not only able to write a case file entirely in rhyming couplet format but that she was able to write it with an interesting plot, credible characterization, and a lot of humor. One of a kind!
Brand New Car
By allimarie (
When stuck in a rut, it is sometimes better to get an entirely new car.
(V, A ** PG-13 ** 12K)
Exley's Rec: Playful Mulder and Scully are always a delight, but this story is about more than just being playful. The mood flips back and forth in such sweet and moody ways that fit this pair just right.
Vicious Aloysius
By Allison J.
Scully and Mulder chase down a vengeful ghost in wintry Northern Montana. Minimal angst, some oddness, a nice, *friendly* way to keep warm.
(X, H ** PG-13 ** 138K)
Deep Throat's Rec: The playful, intellectual, and humorous dynamic between the two lead agents makes this story stand out. The casefile is intriguing too, as is the way it draws on Scully's forensic expertise and Mulder's paranormal bent. Absolutely delightful!
Every Sparrow Falling
By Alloway
Small-town America harbors a deadly secret.
(Horror X-File ** Not rated ** 60K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: This story could be an episode of the show it's that creepy and good. It's also a bit gory and strange, but that's also what makes it a great tale, along with the smarts and understated wit of Mulder and Scully.
By Alloway
Pondering her mortality, Scully takes a lover at a cottage by the sea. . .
(MSR, Scully angst ** R ** 19K)
Ahab's Rec: Heartbreaking in its simplicity and rawness, this story paints an excellent picture of Scully taking comfort the best way she knows how, by the ocean.
By Ambress
Sequel to a revised The Leap. Scully has had a one time opportunity for motherhood, given to her by the Kurt Crawfords. She and Mulder have spent the night together (having S-E-X) in an attempt to get her pregnant.
(MSR ** NC-17 ** 82K)
Tooms's Rec: Kurt Crawford returns to make Scully an unexpected offer in this sexy, romantic story.
The Watching Wall
By amerella (
Cartography, he had said of her once.
(UST, A ** PG ** 35K)
Queequeg's Rec: A couple of animals play at least a small role in this lush, beautiful story by amerella. The language, images, and themes in this story will probably take your breath away and make you wish for more.
By Amethyst
No summary
(Poem, parody, humor ** Not rated ** 3K)
Byers's Rec: The mytharc with all its confusing types of different aliens has never been funnier.
By Amperage ( and Livengoo (
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have survived abductions, serial killers, mutants and aliens but the Partner Cooperation Program Wilderness Encounter may finally do them in. After poison ivy and catfish, who wouldn't long for a nice, safe killer mutant?
(TH ** PG ** 149K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: The pitfalls (and rain) keep finding Mulder and Scully with unfortunate but very amusing frequency in this entertaining story. Amperage and Livengoo's back and forth ping-pong writing helps keep this story fast paced, and the way they both write Mulder and Scully brings the best out of the characters, showing how much they care for each other even in the midst of the other's frustrating traits and ill-timed humor.
By amy (Spookey247) (
Sometimes inefficient strategies are the only ones available.
(MSR, V, A ** PG ** 22K)
Queequeg's Rec: With honesty that's both painful and cathartic, this story explores Mulder and Scully's grief over the loss of William with realism and great characterization.
Haunted House
By Analise (
Mulder and Scully find themselves taking shelter from a storm in a storybook haunted house.
(S, X, MSR ** PG-13 ** 76K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: Mulder and Scully find themselves in the middle of a spooky, old-fashioned, X-Files-style ghost story in this fast-paced, well-characterized tale with surprises at every turn.
Lucky Lizzy
By Analise (
As Mulder and Scully's relationship takes a turn for the worse, they are called up to Colorado on a case where nothing seems quite solid.
(S,X,MSR ** PG-13 ** 207K)
Deep Throat's Rec: Analise has a concise, descriptive, and engaging writing style that makes this ghost story effortless to read. It doesn't hurt that her Mulder and Scully are perfectly emotionally fragile as they struggle to define and then live with their relationship.
A Path of Salt
By Analise (
Mulder ditches Scully yet again to help an old friend in the Park Service. But Scully has never been one to sit and wait.
(T, X, A, MSR ** R ** 213K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: Analise strikes a perfect balance between romance and adventure, devoting almost equal time to the two and weaving them together seamlessly, where one probably couldn't exist without the other. The story is about a heart-breaking quest to reunite new lovers but also about a quest for them to uncover a deadly secret in the deep, hot desert - it's a wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable combination. Plus, Mulder's old friend Kelly seems like the perfect friend for a young Mulder and one whose story means a lot to him and to the story in general.
Ghosts of Christmas Present
By Anjou (
Follows Ghosts
(MSR ** R ** 77K)
Samantha's Rec: In this post-The Truth story, Anjou once again presents us with a sensitive portrayal of Fox and Scully doing their best to work against the alien invasion while keeping their newly reunited family intact.
By Anjou (
First in a series. Perfect is story two. A road trip with Mulder and Scully; a trip inside their heads and hearts. While on assignment to A.D. Kersh on a seemingly innocuous case in Nebraska, Mulder and Scully reflect on their relationship and its progress.
(MSR(UST), A, X non-paranormal casefile ** PG-13, R for occasional language ** 103K)
Langly's Rec: Mulder and Scully share a "Dead Can Dance" song and a quiet, tender moment in this first story in Anjou's lovely Speechless series.
The Ghosts of Future Past
By Anjou (
Post "The Truth;" assumes that William was born in May 2001, given up for adoption in April 2002 and that Mulder and Scully fled in May 2002. The Ghosts of Future Past is set present day, in the late summer of 2003.
(MSR ** R ** 66K)
Padgett's Rec: Mature, loving, and dedicated to helping save the world and to preserving their fledgling family, Anjou's Mulder and Scully are a pleasure to read about. This story follows Anjou's Ghosts and The Ghosts of Christmas Present.
By Anjou (
A journey home for Mulder is one of discovery for Scully.
(MSR, Angst ** NC-17 ** 66K)
Ahab's Rec: A beautiful setting, perfectly developed angst, a strong sense of romance, and difficult but comforting soul searching for both agents make this story stand out. You'll want to take your own trip to the ocean after reading this.
By Ann K ( and L'il Gusty (
Scully gets a dog. Mulder wonders why. The answers they uncover reveal a truth, both about themselves and their relationship.
(MSR ** PG ** 28K)
Queequeg's Rec: The summary perfectly describes this story that's told with humorous touches, layered meanings, and great dialogue.
Trivial Pursuits I & II
By Jess Archibald
I: The agents get lost in the desert. II: Scully and Bateman discover that a suspect's airplane does not make the best transportation.
(Mulder/Scully ** PG ** 43K)
Max's Rec: Perhaps the most enjoyable things about these two stories are the conversations. All of the dialogue rings so true because it achieves a balance of wit, underlying tension, and professionalism. Plus, there's adventure by land and by air!
How Fox Mulder Eats a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
By Aricia (send feedback to to be passed on to the author)
Mulder and Scully celebrate Halloween
(PWP, MSR ** NC-17 ** 13K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: The smut is awfully tasty in this playful story where leftover Halloween candy is put to creative use.
And Cupid Laughed
By JHJ Armstrong (
So much depends on a painted carousel. Post-ep for "The Goldberg Variation."
(S, R, H ** NC-17 ** 31K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: This story features Mulder and Scully at their most charming. They take a trip to an amusement park where they can forget everything spooky in their lives and simply focus on each other, and it's a gorgeous, romantic tale. Tying their feelings and experiences to the Gods makes the story even more magical and wondrous, like a perfect fairy tale.
Flying Lessons
By ArtemisX5
I'm tired of telling my heart to be still; tired of living without you.
(SRA ** R ** 34K)
Max's Rec: From the very beginning when Mulder and Scully start thinking and talking on a plane ride home, this story is one big warm fuzzy. That's not to say it lacks substance but that the events and especially the dialogue are so perfectly constructed with affection, wit, and intelligence that it's a complete joy to read and savor.
After the Dark
By Aspen (
Night thoughts can be troublesome.
(No classifications ** PG ** 5K)
Ahab's Rec: My daughter's motivations and character in nine years working on the X-Files is succintly, insightfully explored in this lovely first work by Aspen.
By Avalon (
Scully makes a decision to take a few risks in her personal life.
(S, MSR, a little UST and RST ** PG ** 23K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: I love this quiet slice of life set in Scully's basement as she sorts through Melissa's things. It definitely feels like something that could have happened on the show it fits so nicely into season seven. This is Scully and Mulder at their most open and enchanting.
After I Have Dreamed
By Tara Avery (
The agents investigate a missing persons case only to realize that the nightmares Scully has been suffering from may be an X-File in their own right.
(X, A, MS UST, MSR ** PG-13/R ** 122K)
Deep Throat's Rec: It's the rare casefile that effectively merges the case itself with the angsty romance of Mulder and Scully. Tara writes one that does just that with the bonus of a haunted Scully. There's something you don't see every day!

Christmas Kaddish
By Livia Balaban (
Christmas Eve falls on the Sabbath this year, so Mulder gets introspective and goes multicultural.
(V, A, Mulder POV ** PG ** 24K)
Byers's Rec: Religion was always at least an underlying theme of the X-Files, but fanfic was left to fill most of the gaps for Mulder's religious background and beliefs. Livia helps fill some gaps with this angsty and truthful scenario that has Mulder thinking about, among other things, poems and Scully.
The God of Your Whims
By Livia Balaban (
Mulder makes some big decisions when he discovers Scully's deceit.
(S, A, H, heaps of MSR ** R ** 100K)
Langly's Rec: What a wild ride! Livia twists and turns surprises for both Mulder and Scully in this story that gets its start (in maybe more ways than one) in music.
Furtive Attraction
By Barbara D. (
Hide and Seek
(No classifications ** PG ** 18K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: Barbara's fun, flirtatious dialog sparkles in this haunted house story set during the early days of Mulder and Scully's partnership.
Even Thieves and Scoundrels
By bardsmaid (
Waking in the middle of the night, Marita finds herself lured by thoughts of a simpler life.
(V ** PG ** 11K)
Deep Throat's Rec: I like this glimpse into the lives of secret agents and government operatives because it contrasts with the hard exteriors we saw on the show. This story makes them more real, people who quietly sleep in the moonlight and wake up in the middle of the night and think about simplicity and their lives.
Overhead, the Stars
By bardsmaid (
Two very tired men. A language lesson. A houseplant.
(V ** R ** 18K)
Byers's Rec: This story achieves a great feat: Krycek seems almost human and normal with his houseplant and grungy little apartment even as his life is ever full of conspiracy and drama. Not many stories now (or ever) tackle the depths of the mytharc, but bardsmaid does with a sharp, smart style that makes a heavy but very interesting read.
By bardsmaid (
She can feel more than see it: a warm place, a tree brought in from the outdoors, a boy.
(Christmas vignette ** PG ** 3K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Think about the episode "Herrenvolk" as you read this short story that's both touching and spooky.
By Steven G. Barnes (
Mulder and Scully investigate strange occurrences linked to a psychic, and find themselves drawn into a nightmare.
(XA ** PG ** 52K)
Boggs's Rec: What a chilling little story! It's not too hard to imagine it as an episode of the show since it has that creepy brand of scary and strange that manages to personally tangle up Mulder and Scully in a way that worked so well on the show and that's an edge-of-your-seat read.
Chasing Mulder
By Susanne Barringer (
A couple of nightmares, a lunch, and a ferris wheel.
(SR, MSR ** PG ** 49K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: Mulder and Scully do have quite a dysfunctional relationship, and it's wonderful to see them not only realize it but actually do something about it. Plus, there's cotton candy and kissing!
Gift Horse
By Susanne Barringer (
Conversation fic, with a little baseball thrown in for good measure.
(Mulder/Scully UST ** PG-13 ** 16K)
Exley's Rec: An ultimate feel-good story. The UST's so thick you could cut it with a knife, the conversation is A+, and this baseball lesson after "The Unnatural" lesson is perfect.
By Susanne Barringer (
Missing scene from Sixth Extinction. A little bit of Scully's journal, written during the long trip from the Ivory Coast back home to Mulder.
(V ** G ** 4K)
Padgett's Rec: Set during her time in Africa during "The Sixth Extinction", this short but affecting vignette shows Scully reaching out to an ailing Mulder through her writing.
For All in Tents and Porpoises
By Diana Battis ( or
A greasy burger, a Diet Coke, and thee.
(V,H, MSR ** PG ** 17K)
Roche's Rec: Scully's a little bit out of sorts in this story and caught up with both new and old feelings and memories as she and Mulder are on a pseudo stakeout. While this story is focused on Scully, Diana also writes a wonderful Mulder who completely deserves what Scully gives him in the end.
The Breakfast Club
By bcfan (
Nurturing a relationship - one breakfast at a time.
(M/S UST ** Not rated ** 9K)
Max's Rec: In the tense aftermath of "Amor Fati," Mulder and Scully communicate the way they do best: without words but with subtle actions. I love how bcfan writes the sweet simplicity of each morning's breakfast and the way that they slowly change in importance from one day to the next.
By bcfan (
No summary
(MSR ** Not rated ** 2K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Scully prompts Mulder with a few gifts to share a little history in this short, sweet story.
By Suzanne Bickerstaffe (
While tracking down an aberrant serial killer, Mulder helps Scully come to grips with a shattering experience. Introduces Special Agent Mike Thomas of the Atlanta Bureau Office.
(MSR, UST ** R ** 82K)
Max's Rec: Ooo...a violent casefile and sweet partnership angst all in one story that starts - and ends - with a plane. Suzanne writes particularly good character voices that give the story an extra degree of realism and depth. If you like Mike and want to see more of him, he's back in Suzanne's awesome story Faith.
By Suzanne Bickerstaffe ( and Carol Jenner (
At the request of their friends Chris and Candy, Mulder and Scully go to Florida to investigate the overnight disappearance of a whole town. When they run into the inevitable trouble, a very unexpected ally comes to their aid.
(X, Mulder/Scully UST ** R ** 178K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: This story brings back an old friend from Mulder's past and another original character from Twister, also recommended by me in this update, though I think it can stand alone as casefile without reading that story first (although you should read it because it's good). Unexpected, strange, and alarming twists abound in this fast-paced and very cool tale that also features great characterizations of familiar characters, particularly in their dialogue.
The Magicians Series Books I-IV and Book 3.5, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4
By Jennifer Lyon ( (I-IV), Suzanne Bickerstaffe ( (All), and Matthew Weed ( (3.5)
The series begins with Book I: Mulder and Scully investigate the appearance of a strange creature in an MIT laboratory, and find themselves drawn though a vortex into another world - a world where magic works - a world that is threatened by a terrible darkness.
(Adventure, Romance ** NC-17 ** 3.5M [741K, 689K, 1M, 573K, 495K])
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: There's nothing else like this epic tale. I hope you have A LOT of spare time in 2004 to read this most intricate and intriguing of X-Files stories.
By Suzanne Bickerstaffe ( and Carol Jenner (
Mulder and Scully are drawn into investigating a lethal meteorological phenomenon (and a chilling conspiracy) by a woman from Mulder's past.
(X,S, Mulder/other (sorta), M/S UST ** PG-13/R ** 203K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: This story is a fantastic journey from start to finish. The casefile is fascinating and well-developed, the descriptions of tornadoes are detailed and scary, Candy is a terrifically interesting original character, and Mulder and Scully are both wonderfully written with respect and adult emotion. Twister has a sequel, Groveton, which is also recommended in this update.
The Elusive Scent of Lilacs
By Blackwood (
Rarity does tend to enhance the value of that which is desired, but withheld.
(MSR, UST, Angst, post-Series ** PG ** 26K)
Ahab's Rec: Mulder's memories are interwoven with his present in a heartbreaking but pure way in this lovely tale set years after we last saw them.
By Blueswirl (
The past cannot help but have an irrevocable effect on the present.
(V, A, MSR ** PG ** 217K)
Max's Rec: Once you start this story of abductions, parenthood, returns, more abductions, and even more angst, you may not be able to stop. It's constructed as a series of vignettes, but they weave together seemlessly into a beautiful story of longing and love.
Modern-Day Bonnie and Clyde
By Blueswirl (
No summary
(V, R ** PG ** 14K)
The Great Pumpkins's Rec: Life on the run isn't as glamorous as it seems in the movies. In this story set after "The Truth", Blueswirl provides poignant insights into Scully's heart and mind after yet another long day on the road with Mulder.
Shadows and Coolness
By Blueswirl (
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 5K)
Ahab's Rec: Blueswirl treats us to the sweet awkwardness of Mulder and Scully after their flirtatious batting practice in this post-ep for "The Unnatural." It's wonderful to see Blueswirl back on the fanfic scene!
The Simplest Explanation
By Blueswirl (
A few words on luck, chance, fate and Santa Claus.
(No classifications ** PG ** 35K)
Roche's Rec: Mulder and Scully are spot-on in this story that mixes a heartrending X-File with hopeful personal revelations stemming from issues of luck and fate featured in "The Goldberg Variation" case. Beautiful!
Tangible I, II, and III
By Blueswirl ( and Meredith (
Sometimes, to have anything, one must be willing to risk everything.
(T,R,A ** NC-17 ** 85K, 73K, 70K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: It's not until parts II and III that a forest becomes an essential part of the story, but that shouldn't stop you from reading (or rereading) all three stories. It's probably been said before that post-colonization, angst, and romance can hardly be done better than they're all done in this series, but it's worth repeating because it's true.
By Bonetree (
August to November of 1994.
(Post-Ep (sort of), A, S, MSR (implied), Mulder/O (from "3") ** PG-13 ** 20K)
Roche's Rec: Bonetree's lush, dreamy writing perfectly captures Scully's abduction experiences in this fantastic glimpse at what might have been and what one day may be remembered.
Black Bicycles
By Bonetree (
"And through the strobed spokes of the bicycles I saw my son...a sailor on the shore of that dark and silent sea."
(Post-ep ** PG ** 10K)
Samantha's Rec: Gorgeous, poetic writing and exquisite angst. Bonetree makes you feel Scully's heartbreak as if it were your own.
By Bonetree (
Choices, wings and all things.
(Vignette, missing scene ** NC-17 ** 5K)
Ahab's Rec: Full of rich imagery and emotion, Bonetree's exploration of Scully's thoughts, post "all things," gives readers wonderful insight into the episode.
Elegy with a Feather Falling Inside It
By Bonetree (
A crow's feather, a motel room and a lesson before dying.
(Vignette, UST ** PG ** 11K)
Langly's Rec: Life, death, and faith are explored in this lovely vignette written in Bonetree's insightful and poetic style.
Exquisite Corpse
By BoneTree ( and Alcott (
Sometimes dreams become reality. Or are they already?
(Vignette, Angst, MSR ** R ** 29K)
Roche's Rec: The confusion, pain, and comfort for Mulder and Scully during and after the events of season seven are explored through dreams and memories in this disquieting yet wholly romantic story.
Full Reward
By Bonetree (
After the end of all things, how would you choose a beginning?
(Post-Col, Vignette, Angst, Implied CD ** R/NC-17 ** 13K)
Padgett's Rec: A delicious story with wonderful twists of fate and heartbreaking emotion, this one can make you reel with angst and despair even as it reaffirms life and love with joy and hope.
Goodbye Utah
By Bonetree (
Virginia to Utah, a familiar face, and a terrible choice to make.
(X-File, Angst, MSR ** NC-17 ** 50K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: If you've read any of Bonetree's stories before, you know that her words paint marvelous pictures and stir deep emotions, and this story is no different. It's also fascinating with Mulder and Scully reuniting with Kurt Crawford for a dire, scary trip. Just read it.
The Lost Land
By Bonetree (
Months after the events of "The Mercy Seat," past, present and future collide as Mulder, Scully, Skinner and Granger go cross-country and around the world in a race against time to find a serial bomber on a very personal mission.
(Novel, Angst, X-File, MSR, AU ** NC-17 ** 746K)
Deep Throat's Rec: Bonetree created a fantastic world for Mulder, Scully, and a collection of terrific original characters in this sweeping story. Tense, emotional, and intriguing throughout, this story is a keeper! (For this story to make the most sense, you should read Bonetree's first four stories in this alternate universe: Goshen, Secret World, City of Light, and The Mercy Seat.)
By Bonetree (
Christmas Eve on Highway 50, New Mexico, 2007.
(V, MSR, A ** NC-17 ** 8K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Bonetree clearly has a fondness for Mulder and Scully, as they're written here with intelligence, feeling, and seriousness that reflect their solitary Christmas Eve.
The Ride
By Bonetree (
Scully contemplates, yet again, her life with Mulder.
(Vignette ** PG ** 8K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: A short, sweet story with a terrific Scully voice and the sort of contemplative introspection that surely happened even if we didn't always see it on the show.
White Ink
By Bonetree (
In December 2012, a battered Mulder, Scully and William know there's much more at stake than just the end of the world.
(Standalone S, Angst, X-File, MSR, Post-Series. Implied CD. ** NC-17 ** 54K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: It's sad, but it's also fitting for the end of the world to be a very desperate, emotionally draining time for these characters who lived such unusual, chaotic lives. Bonetree conjures up wild emotions with ease which gives the story a sense of calm that wonderfully contrasts with its foreboding nature.
A Better Fate Than Wisdom
By Lydia Bower (
Mulder and Scully drink some wine, do some star-gazing, and talk. Imagine that! *g*
(V, H, MSR. Heavy UST alert ** PG-13 ** 17K)
Samantha's Rec: It's nice to see my brother happy, especially when he's gazing at the stars. I hope he and Scully had a night like the one in Lydia's story, so peaceful, honest, and charming and with a great closing line by Scully.
Burning in Heaven
By Lydia Bower (
Continues the final scene of Redux II. A late-night celebration in a hospital room.
(V ** PG-13 ** 27K)
Langly's Rec: This story is simply beautiful. It paints wonderful pictures, conveys touching emotions, and captures a completely stunning Mulder and Scully so well that sometimes I forget that it wasn't shown on screen and that I didn't hear the music being played myself.
Dance Without Sleeping
By Lydia Bower (
Scully learns to deal with her cancer and take control of her life.
(S, A, MSR ** NC-17 ** 165K)
Max's Rec: You've probably already read this classic story, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read it again. And again. It includes one of the greatest plane boarding scenes in all of fanfic, which is just one of its many, many very dramatic and romantic virtues. Stories in this universe continue with the also marvelous Into Each Other Sinking series.
Musings of an X-Wife
By Sally Bradstreet (
A quiet dinner leaves room for someone from Mulder's past to reflect.
(VA ** PG ** 11K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: Sally presents believable analysis of Mulder's past that not only explains that ring in "Travelers" but well explains Mulder's path to the X-Files. The "X-Wife" could have been cliched or bitter, but she felt very real and very sympathetic here.
A Rose In The Deeps
By K.B. Yeats (Kelley Walters and Brighid (
Scully receives a great-aunt's journal, and an invitation to stay in a haunted house. With them comes a new understanding of loss, and second chances.
(S, A, MSR, ghost story ** PG ** 247K)
Padgett's Rec: An interesting mystery of sorts finds Scully and Mulder in this layered story that reveals its secrets slowly, one by one, with sweet old-fashioned emotion.
False Dawn
By Emma Brightman (
Takes place between "3" and "One Breath"
(VA ** PG ** 9K)
Queequeg's Rec: Mulder's confusion, loneliness, and guilt are all marvelously explored through words that paint vivid pictures in this introspective story.
By Emma Brightman (
No summary
(VA, MSR ** PG ** 15K)
Roche's Rec: On Mulder's 42nd birthday, he's on the run post "The Truth" with Scully, but the action all takes place in one hotel room in this sweet tale. Mulder is particularly delightful with his trademark wit and his (arguably) good looks.
Haiku Helper: A Guide to Nine Years of The X-Files
By Emma Brightman ( and Lilydale (
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 19K)
Byers's Rec: It is very, very amusing to read about every single X-Files episode, each summarized with one haiku poem each. It's surprisingly possible!
By Emma Brightman (
A late night diner trip provides Doggett with some unexpected clarity.
(VA ** PG ** 22K)
CSM's Rec: Emma writes a beautiful story about where some agents may have found themselves after The Truth. While not providing answers so much as clues and glimpses, this story paints a wonderful, touching picture of people's lives.
Resurrection Day
By Emma Brightman (
"DeadAlive" Post-ep
(V, A ** PG ** 8K)
Samantha's Rec: In this story, Doggett thinks about his lost son and talks to Scully with spot-on characterization that's a delight to read.
Sign Language
By Emma Brightman (
No summary
(V, MSR** PG ** 12K)
Padgett's Rec: Mulder finds himself silenced the morning after "all things" in Emma's softly romantic story. The emotional closure for both Mulder and Scully has a deep sense of realistic comfort.
What is Essential
By Emma Brightman (
Halloween, 1997. "What is essential is invisible to the eye."
(S, M/S UST ** PG ** 39K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: Emma's lovely, precise writing paints scenes that you can easily picture in rich detail and dialog that you can hear the characters' voices speak, including Mulder reading to Scully in French.
The Provisional World
By Buckingham (
Staying connected
(M/S, A ** Not rated ** 19K)
Langly's Rec: Sometimes even the strongest of people can feel overwhelmed and uncentered, which Buckingham shows with grace, sharp detail, affecting emotion, and a smattering of music in this season nine look at Scully.
What Happens to the Dreamers
By Buckingham (
If only you believe in miracles...
(S, M/S ** Not rated ** 121K)
Padgett's Rec: With insights into Mulder and Scully's relationship after the events of "Per Manum" as tracked through season seven, this is a story you'll want to read more than once, each time marveling at the beautiful language and touching emotional content Buckingham brings to the page.
The Link
By bugs
Deeply affected by what she's seen in Africa, Scully rushes to be with Mulder in the hospital, and they find a new way to communicate.
(V, R, Scully POV, Post-ep. for Biogenesis ** NC-17 ** 9K)
Boggs's Rec: Hoo-boy is this an intense, emotional, and romantically raw vignette. Its style is very visceral, which makes it very powerful for such a short story.
Let's Play House
By Polly Burns (
After being separated from his arm in Russia, Alex begins to consider a career-change.
(No classifications ** R ** 44K)
Padgett's Rec: Krycek is marvelously mean and manipulative in this fascinating, gritty tale spanning a few fateful years.

Dream Within a Dream
By Paige Caldwell (
Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?
(MSR, X, S ** R ** 30K)
Roche's Rec: Scully never knows quite what's real and what's a dream in this chilling tale. Hang on to your hat as you navigate the twists and turns of this terrific story!
The Only Thing
By Emily Todd Carter (
Post-final flashback in Per Manum. He had always protected her. Comforted her. Provided for her. But, with every other hope diminished, he will give the only thing he has left.
(SRA, MSR ** PG to PG-13 ** 20K)
Max's Rec: It's always a good time for Per Manum stories, especially when they're as sweet, sad, and honest as this one.
The Ninth Plague
By cgb (
"Whatever happens in the future they will forever have the weight of this between them." Set pre-"William" and post-"Release."
(D/R, X, D, R, S ** R ** 111K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: I truly enjoyed every aspect of this fascinating casefile and burgeoning love story. The writing style and tone are pitch perfect, Doggett and Reyes are both at their charming, confused, and intelligent best, and the investigative and romantic aspects of the story are both fully fleshed out yet neither overwhelms the other. Terrific!
Only in Threes
By cgb (
"You wanted this."
(D/S/R (in a way) ** NC-17 ** 13K)
Roche's Rec: A dream distracts Reyes as she tries to start her day in this interesting story that nicely experiments with different points of view.
Beat the Clock
By Char Chaffin (
There's always a clock, ticking life away
(MSR, R, Vignette ** Not rated ** 11K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: Char beautifully captures the angst of the cancer arc in this lovely story of longing, hope, and lost time.
The River Crossing
By Todd China
Mulder and Scully uncover a massive conspiracy involving time travel.
(No classifications ** PG-13 ** 58K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: You'll be kept on your toes as you read this story that jumps back and forth in time and follows the adventures of many different characters (including the Lone Gunmen!), but it's worth sticking through to the end when everything is tied together, with a little romance to boot.
Some By Virtue Fall
By Circe Invidiosa (
She's her mother, after all.
(Missing scenes (DeadAlive) ** PG ** 30K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: This story is Margaret Scully's, and it is a heartbreaking treasure. It's remarkably insightful about all the characters at this time of Mulder's death and Scully's pregnancy revelations, but Doggett is particularly spot-on in his own formal, confused, and supportive way.
The Climbing Series ( 9.8 meters per second per second, The Gym Rat, Top-Roping, and Mixed Signals)
By cofax (
Summaries vary
(V ** PG to R ** 44K (27K, 6K, 6K, 5K))
Exley's Rec: The perfect fit of Scully and climbing in these stories makes it clear that cofax knows a lot about both subjects. The writing is always clear, to the point, and yet manages to almost say more about things the writing doesn't explicitly say. Great insights into Scully.
By conspiracy (
A peek at the psyches of both characters at the series' end. Some exorcising of demons, if you will, that Chris Carter just sort of swept under the rug.
(V, quasi-MSR, A ** PG-13 ** 14K)
Samantha's Rec: Fox and Scully are together again, but maybe being physically close isn't enough to make them feel whole and together. They think a little and talk a lot in this wonderfully real story.
Not Alone
By Audrey Cooper
Scully warns Mulder that someone is going to kill him...but is her prescience correct about the target?
(XRA ** R ** 81K)
Boggs's Rec: Scully's the one who's spooky in this incredibly absorbing story that's heavy on sexy romance and on scary investigation. It also has a fair amount of songfic interludes, but they work surprisingly well because the dance scenes are so enchanting.
The Grief at the Center
By crwth (
Mulder & Scully after their first run in with Pfaster. Muldercomfort & spooning!
("Irresistible" post-ep ** PG ** 46K)
Roche's Rec: Mulder's and Scully's vulnerabilities and pain are at the forefront of this marvelously raw, emotional story. The characterizations here are particularly poignant, with Mulder caring for Scully with such measured yet tentative ease and Scully reflecting on her insular, "I'm fine" state of emotional affairs.
Listening to Mountains Grow
By cucumberspy
His phone rings twice before I hang up, before I remember: Mulder is not there. Has not been for three days. Fear lodges cold and twisted, somewhere in my esophagus.
(SA ** R ** 27K)
Roche's Rec: Scully's emotions are all over the map after the events of "Pusher," and Mulder doesn't make things any easier. Both Mulder and Scully are so perfectly written here, but Mulder in particular is captured in an endearing mix of childish petulance and adorable graciousness.

Conversations With the Dead
By Lisa DaFoe (
Scully receives a visit from Mulder's ghost twenty years after his death.
(VA ** PG ** 25K)
Deep Throat's Rec: Both Mulder and Scully are spot-on perfect with their humor and angst in this melancholy but very charming story. Scully is particularly good in the skeptical way you might expect her to react to a ghost, even if it is of Mulder.
Blinded by White Light
By Dasha K. (
What are we, but the sum of our memories?
(SRA ** NC-17 ** 283K)
CSM's Rec: Dasha writes a seminally fabulous story tracking two people aching to remember, aching for what's lost, and simply aching for more.
Pretending To Sleep, part of the Red Valerian Series
By Dasha K. (
Pretending To Sleep: Three people on a plane, pretending to sleep. Series: Three lives intersect after a terrible case in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Scully must question the desires of her own heart.
(SRA, Skinner/Scully romance, Mulder/Scully romance ** NC-17 ** 16K (series 277K))
Max's Rec: Because this story falls deep in the series, I really think that you should read the stories that precede it for its three point of views to make the most sense and ring most emotionally true. If it seems impossible for any story featuring Skinner/Scully, much less a love triangle of sorts with Mulder/Scully also in the mix, to be interesting or even be plausible, then this series can change your mind. It's a giant journey about relationships, and Dasha well writes about their complexities, emotions, and heavy NC-17 moments.
Blood Ties 3: A Nice Trip to the Forest
By Dawn (
Something is causing an epidemic of missing persons in the Smoky Mountains. When his good friend attempts to investigate and subsequently disappears, Grey enlists Mulder and Scully's help to search for him. What they find is an X-File.
(X, A, AU, MSR, M/S/Sk friendship ** PG ** 120K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Dawn has a marvelous grasp of interaction between people, and the characters hold this story together. Although that's not to say that the casefile isn't well worth reading the story for too, because it is, mixing a personal element into the already spooky mystery. While this story begins with a short summary of the first two Blood Ties stories, before reading part 3 you may want to read the first and second stories, which you can find on Dawn's Blood Ties page along with the other stories in this long, fascinating series.
One on One
By Dawn (
Scully learns the origins of Mulder's love of basketball.
(SA ** PG ** 12K)
Exley's Rec: This is one of those simple looking stories that rolls right over you, flowing so easily from what seems like one sort of story to another sort entirely. Both Mulder and Scully are particularly kind and sensitive here, which is also nice to see.
Precious Things
By Dawn (
Skinner's thoughts on the airplane to Bellefleur.
(V, A, MSR, Skinner POV ** PG ** 10K)
Max's Rec: Skinner played a large role in "Requiem," but this is one of the few post-episode stories that focuses entirely on him. Dawn focuses on his sense of duty as he travels with Mulder, a theme that seems particularly appropriate for him.
Reservations for Two
By Dawn (
Sequel to The Substance of Things Hoped For and second in the "Faith" series. "Parenting is a learned behavior, Scully. Where does that leave me?"
(V, A, MSR, Post "The Truth" ** PG ** 18K)
Boggs's Rec: Following The Substance of Things Hoped For (a new story also recommended by me), this story examines Mulder's reactions to and feelings about fatherhood with a sense of gravity and realism that makes sense given his situation in the story and his childhood, which is used to interesting effect here.
The Substance of Things Hoped For
By Dawn (
"Even an agnostic like me can believe in second chances, Scully. To atone for our mistakes. To get it right."
(V, A, MSR, Post ep for "The Truth" ** PG ** 11K)
Boggs's Rec: Dawn delicately handles Scully's grief and Mulder's guilt as they talk about William in this lovely story. She also manages to make the ending not just work but make good sense based on Mulder and Scully's shared fear of and hope for the future.
The Muses Anthology
By Daydreamer (
A nine-part anthology of stories and poems based on the Greek Muses and the artistic field each represents.
(S, A, H, MSR ** G to NC-17 ** 2K to 84K)
Byers's Rec: These stories aren't particularly related to each other except for their Muse inspirations and their use of metaphors, but they read very well together in defining the incredible professional and personal partnership of Mulder and Scully. Daydreamer's language quickly creates and deftly maintains distinct moods and emotions in each story, all of which provide terrific character insights and romance. I particularly like the wit of Calliope and Clio for its exploration of Mrs. Mulder's character, and Terpsichore for its particularly apt metaphor.
Down with the Marked
By Deslea (
"He doesn't love her - not the way the humans mean it. But he's marked with her, and she with him."
(Knowle/Shannon, Knowle POV ** PG ** 6K)
Max's Rec: Deslea's powerful language gives some unique, interesting insights into a couple of rarely examined characters and into what it may be like to be a little less than human.
Portions of Eternity
By Dianora
In the post-colonization world, a very changed Mulder and Scully struggle to find their way back to each other - both physically and emotionally.
(S, R, A ** NC-17 ** 241K)
CSM's Rec: There's a little bit of everything in this story, from frantic adventure to standing still, from love to hate, from life to death, from comfort to hurt. Once you start reading, you'll probably want the story to keep going for an eternity it's that engaging.
Seventh-Inning Stretch
By Dianora
Post-"Unnatural" fic
(VR, MSR ** PG ** 5K)
Exley's Rec: Just a really sweet story where Mulder reveals one of his baseball related dreams.
All Things Bright and Beautiful
By dlynn
"Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?"
(post episode, MSR, psychological thriller, angst ** R ** 222K)
Tooms's Rec: Daniel Waterston plays a terrifying role in this exciting story set soon after the events of "all things."
If a Frog had Wings...
By Dlynn (
Mulder and Scully get pulled into a manhunt looking for alleged bomber Eric Rudolph.
(Story, UST, Slight MSR ** PG ** 48K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: There's adventure, there's mystery-solving, there's introspective thoughts about partners, there's sudden injury, and there's a whole lot of purposeful talking in cliches. What's not to love?!
All Things Considered
By DM (
"'The truth,' I laugh to myself. The truth is out there, all right, but it certainly isn't in this room."
(V, R, Mulder/Scully Romance ** PG ** 13K)
Langly's Rec: DM tackles the immediate aftermath of "all things" with a sweet clarity that's a quiet joy to read. Mulder and Scully are somehow different than we see on the show, gentler perhaps, but it's a side to them that fits perfectly after this episode and is well told here.
By DM (
"He moves closer and whispers, "do I do it for you, Scully?" He glances down to my lips and a breath hitches in my throat. He licks his lips and continues, "do I flip your switch?"
(V, R ** G ** 15K)
Queequeg's Rec: Rain King is one of those episodes that shouts for post-eps, and DM delivers a nice look at Mulder and Scully's flight home. Their conversation and resolution takes a road somewhat less taken, which makes this story stand out.
One Simple Kiss
By DM (
"No one ever told me that getting ONE simple kiss would be *this* hard. But, with Scully, nothing is ever simple. She's wonderfully complicated."
(V, R, MSR ** PG ** 12K)
Tooms's Rec: In a continuation of the series begun with "Kroner," this story follows Mulder and Scully's changing relationship with romance and humor. I love how something so easy is so hard in this story about Mulder and Scully sweetly coming to a decision about themselves.
Cloths of Darkness, Cloths of Light
By Doc Alien (
Scully goes to check on Mulder's empty apartment. Yes, it is still empty, but she finds some small surprises, about Mulder and herself.
(V, with hints of MSR ** PG ** 12K)
Byers's Rec: A poem plays a role in helping Scully cope, understand, and move into action post "Gethsemane." Her pain and frustration feel very real here even knowing it's not at all how it might have played out on the show. That's some good angst.
Admirers, Part 1 and Part 2
By Donna (
Does Scully have a stalker?
(MSR ** PG ** 40K)
Deep Throat's Rec: This story is a little bit goofy, but that's part of what makes it so much fun to read. The other part is that every character is so very sweet.
Home for Christmas
By Donna (
Just a little Christmas present
(MSR ** G ** 8K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This conversation-laden story is simply happy and a pleasure to read.
Still Raining
By Donna (
Did she ever tell him what she and Sheila discussed in the bathroom?
(MSR, angst ** PG ** 7K)
The Great Pumpkins's Rec: Mulder and Scully are not geniuses at personal relationships, but in this post "Rain King" story they so sweet, tentative, and enigmatic that their loss is our gain. Foggier Than Ever continues the tale.
By Dreamshaper (
Mulder and Scully face the woods again--and it's dangerous as usual...but in an unusual way
(MSR ** R ** 20K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: This story is satisfying like a warm, comfortable bed on a chilly winter morning. Mulder and Scully are both so adorably sweet with their secrets and in the way they share a sleeping bag.
By Dreamshaper
Brands, dreams, nightmares, and pedestals.
(MSR, superfluff ** PG-13 ** 16K)
Roche's Rec: There is a lot of feeling and angst packed in this "superfluff." It's refreshing to see Mulder and Scully deal with their individual and collective emotional baggage in such a real, adult way, and Dreamshaper does a very good job capturing their fears and guarded language.
Cold Pizza, Warm Pepsi, and You
By dtg (
Pizza in the car by a lake in the moonlight.
(vignette, post ep for Chimera ** PG ** 8K)
Tooms's Rec: As its title suggests, this story relays a relaxing diversion for Mulder and Scully. Their playful banter here is particularly sweet, smart, and a nice change of pace.
Hannah's House
By dtg (
A stormy night, a ghost story and herb tea.
(No classifications ** PG ** 30K)
Deep Throat's Rec: It is fun to read about Mulder and Scully unexpectedly finding themselves in a troubling spot, and this story does that with great Halloween style.
In the Moment
By dtg (
"There may be some truths you're not ready to hear."
(MSR ** PG-13 ** 26K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Scully comes to understand the events of "Monday" in this interesting, well-paced post-ep story. The ending in particular is moving and terrific.

Cast Me Gently Into Morning
By Ellie (
A Mulder-POV continuation of "Emily."
(VA, Post-Emily ** PG-13 ** 5K)
Byers's Rec: This is a quiet and almost melancholic story that's more introspection than action, but it's so sweet and full of hope. Ellie writes a wonderful Mulder, so caring and careful with Scully in a way that feels like a seamless continuation from how he was at the end of "Emily."
First Flight
By Ellie (
Mulder and Scully meet a woman who may provide answers about the origins of Scully's cancer.
(X, M/S UST, AU ** PG-13 ** 144K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: If you're looking for a well-characterized, nicely-paced, mytharc-laced, sinister story with traces of angst and intrigue, then this story is for you. It's a decidedly Alternate Universe take on the cancer arc, but it's entirely gripping.
By Ellie (
I can't hold out forever; even walls fall down. An Orison post-ep.
(VA ** PG ** 11K)
Byers's Rec: This story works well with Scully's mindset after "Orison" and in the context of season seven in general. Mulder and Scully both feel very real here, walking on eggshells and afraid of Scully breaking even with the tough walls she's built around herself. Great emotion and possibly hopeful angst!
She Is and She's Never Been
By Abra Elliott (
Doggett finds more than fish food in Mulder's desk drawer...
Mulder's back and Doggett's still got the journal...and something else of his.
(MSR; John Doggett POV ** PG-13 ** 6K and 10K)
Padgett's Rec: In this touching vignette and its sequel, Doggett's discovery of Mulder's journal leads him to a new understanding of Mulder's relationship with Scully.
By Elsie (
He'll do anything he can to satisfy her, to keep her around, but he can't tell her the truth.
(SRA, MSR ** PG-13 ** 36K)
Max's Rec: This story is said to be a companion to another ("Life With Mulder"), but I think it works very well on its own as an angst-filled, realistic look at Mulder and Scully on the road, post The Truth.
Soap and Eggs
By EPurSeMouve (
A possible future. A might-have-been. A what-if. Or a "There but for the grace of God...."
(S, R, A ** PG-13 ** 64K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: Mulder and Scully follow a yearly tradition in this story that has an eerie, sad tone even as it's full of heart and commitment. This tale that jumps off in season four is especially interesting given season nine and the finale in "The Truth" that leaves Mulder and Scully in an oddly similar place. The Soap and Eggs series continues in Soap and Eggs II, III, and IV.
All Hallow's Eve
By Sue Esty (Windsinger) (
Driving back to Washington on Halloween evening Mulder and Scully see strange lights in the sky over rural Maryland, stop to investigate, and find themselves spending a night they will not soon forget.
(TRA ** PG-13 ** 74K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: Mulder and Scully have particularly playful and smart conversations in this mid-third season tale even in the midst of strange, spooky happenings. The story continues in long sweeping epic style in parts 2, 3, and 4, which you can find at The Annex.

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