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By Magdeleine
Deaths in a small town, Uber-UST, and a parrot.
(Casefile, UST, Angst ** Strong R ** 442K)
Queequeg's Rec: A richly detailed casefile, this story has one of the more memorable, amusing appearances by an animal in the life of my former owner.
Queequeg Gets Even
By Laura Maher (
Queequeg is alive, and Queequeg is not happy. Queequeg is bent on revenge....
(H ** PG-13 ** 18K)
Queequeg's Rec: I can only wish that I was as smart, cool, and kick ass as Laura's portrayal of me in this incredibly funny and unique story.
Bleeding Kansas
By Maidenjedi (
William is by no means a normal kid, and someone still has to protect him. Will she succeed?
(William, Marita, post-series, hints of MSR, K/Ma, Marita/Jeffrey ** R ** 52K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: William is absolutely fascinating here - he's a kid, but he's precocious and acts with a sort of control that's very mature yet still very much young and innocent. This story's a quiet sort of heartbreaker.
Left Standing
By Maidenjedi (
When the world ends, you have to find comfort in those left standing.
(Mulder/Reyes comfort, post-col, post-series, character death ** R ** 43K)
CSM's Rec: Don't let the classifications scare you away. This story's written so visually with such tactile language that you can see it, feel it, and understand it. It's sad, but also full of hope and life.
Dreams Melt As Snow
By Punk Maneuverability (
Scully's dreams get tangled up with the snow, and she finds that sometimes it's just best to let them both go.
(S, R, Mulder/Scully Romance ** G ** 7K)
Roche's Rec: It's rare to find such a short, perfect summary for a story. But what Punk writes even better is Scully and a quiet glimpse into her romantic mind, heart, and life.
By Punk Maneuverability (
It's late November of 1995 and in the midst of the infamous Rift; Mulder and Scully investigate the circumstances surrounding a fifteen-year-old girl's multiple disappearances.
(X, A ** R ** 132K)
Max's Rec: Strong in both writing and emotional power, this story presents a Scully dealing with both tensions with Mulder and painful memories of her own abduction. Realistic and angsty.
A Lament for a SYD
By Punk Maneuverability (
A poem in honor of everyone's favorite SYD (Small Yappy Dog)
(Poem ** G ** 3K)
Byers's Rec: Poor Queequeg, he had a short life, but thank goodness he made a big enough impact to inspire heartfelt and hilarious odes such as this one.
Living with the Dreaming Body
By Punk Maneuverability (
The heart is an involuntary muscle.
(S, A, R, Mulder/Scully romance ** R ** 12K)
The Great Pumpkins's Rec: Gorgeous, heartbreaking, dreamy, and insightful begin to describe this story, but there's even more than that packed into just 12K. What a treat to get a new fic from such a great author!
Other Night
By Punk Maneuverability (
It's Halloween. Mulder and Scully decide to dress up.
(S, R, Mulder/Scully UST ** G ** 11K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: Some stories are perfect precisely because they could not be about any people other than the particular people in the story. That is the case with this charming, alluring story about Mulder and Scully planning their Halloween night.
Spooky Action Bonus Fun Hour
By Punk Maneuverability (
I'm Fox Mulder, and I'm from the future.
(S, H ** PG ** 8K)
Diana Fowley's Rec: This story is weird, twisted, confusing, funny, and fabulous. I can't say anything else about it - you just need to read it and marvel at Punk's terrific imagination and style.
Into A Forest
By Marasmus (
No Summary
(V ** PG ** 15K)
Max's Rec: Saying too much about this story could spoil it, so I'll only say that it's hard to believe that such an insightful, mysterious tale could be written as an improv in only a few hours.
By Maria Nicole (
Mulder and Scully deal with the aftermath of their little trip from Field Trip, and confront an old case.
(X ** PG ** 125K)
Tooms's Rec: Maria Nicole writes excellent Mulder/Scully dialogue in this dreamy story. Their intellectual back and forth crackles with UST as they wade their way through a case and each other's minds.
Any Other Name
By Louise Marin
Scully must transform one Mulder into another while struggling to understand loss, love, commitment, herself, and those around her. Through his metamorphosis, and her own, she discovers that different dreamers live different dreams. Will they ever be the same again?
(XSRA, M/S UST; Quasi-MSR; Scully/Other?; Character death ** NC-17 ** 594K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: This is a fabulously inventive, endlessly angsty, devastatingly romantic, and thoroughly involving story from start to finish. It's full of marvelous twists, one of most important turning points for the characters comes at a carnival, of all places. Truly, one of the best stories fanfic has to offer.
By Louise Marin (
Scully does a little body-swapping of her own. Can she and Mulder make it back to each other? Do they want to?
(S, R, A, UST, MSR ** NC-17 ** 205K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: If you haven't already read this incredible story, you should schedule some time to read it. Same goes for if you've already read it. The pacing is quick, the emotions are sharp, and the story will stick with you for a long time.
Deliver Me
By Louise Marin (
Mulder finds a tiny little light in the dark, dark place between 'Elegy' and 'Demons.'
(SA, M/S UST; Mulder Angst ** R ** 42K)
Queequeg's Rec: This story provides layered insights into Mulder at the end of season four's high angst period when he finds comfort in an unlikely source. This scenario could easily have been unbelievable, but it's so realistic you almost think it happened, and you may wish that it had.
The Game
By Sheryl Martin
A discussion interrupts a basketball game.
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 5K)
Exley's Rec: Gotta love it when Scully stands up to Mulder - and when he understands.
Generation X
By Julia Kosatka ( and Kellie Matthews-Simmons (
On their way back from Washington, Mulder and Scully get stranded at a remote house in Pennsylvania with a young woman with considerable paranormal ability and a family history of alien abduction. After Mulder and Jeanne disappear for several hours under bizarre circumstances, even Scully is convinced that there is something strange going on.
(XR ** NC-17 ** 303K)
Boggs's Rec: Here's one of the earliest X-Files fanfic stories, set and written in season one. This story does read differently at times because it's set so early in the series, but it's a real treat for its look at Mulder, Scully, their working & personal dynamics, and their outlooks on aliens and abduction, especially given what happens to them in the later seasons. All that plus it's a very interesting story with plotty twists and an original character with a psychic ability that's important to the tale in many ways.
Scully And Angel on the Kitchen Floor
By Jennifer Maurer (
The temptation to write a story about this song lyric was irresistible. It's probably about as surreal as the song itself.
(S/R, Mulder/Scully romance ** NC-17 ** 28K)
Byers's Rec: A very weird and very Mulderish love poem composed with magnetic poetry leads Mulder and Scully to action (literally) in this hot story. (If the idea of songfic scares you, don't worry here.)
Under Construction
By Amanda Wilde (MaybeAmanda) (
Alternate post season 8.
(MSR, AU, A, S ** PG-13 ** 76K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Mulder and Scully are both having a difficult time adjusting to William and their new life, but this story is primarily Mulder's. It's packed full of angst, confusion, and sorrow, but that helps make it feel more real for these wonderfully flawed characters and is what ultimately provides the story's payoff.
By MCA (
Why do I tell you about the weather? Perhaps it is the only simple thing left.
(No classifications ** PG-ish ** 27K)
Padgett's Rec: This lovely story set after "The Truth" fits in perfectly with this update's theme. While enduring yet another separation from Mulder, Scully writes to him in her journal. What she writes is revelatory and moving, and says a lot about the woman she has become.
By Maggie McCain (
A stakeout, a beach bar, and a Jimmy Buffett cover band.
(VR ** PG ** 17K)
Ahab's Rec: Sweet, sexy, and fun shortly sums up this delicious story that features one of the best and most unique birthday gifts in any story.
Much Abides
By Maggie McCain (
I remember his rare, wide smile, his eyes, full of love and joy and heartwrenching trust. I will not betray those eyes.
(SRA, CD ** R ** 60K)
Deep Throat's Rec: Don't let the headers scare you away. This is a beautiful, romantic story even as it's drenched in heartbreak and sadness. (Ghosts too!) Mulder's and Scully's voices both sound perfect, and their feelings ring very true. A gorgeous, gorgeous story.
Machine of Intention
By Patti MacKinnon
In the aftermath of the X-Files shutdown Mulder and Scully go their separate ways -- Scully in a high-profile position, and Mulder on the trail of a horrific serial killer. But the memories of the X-Files cases plus the appalling nature of his current case may be pushing Mulder to the brink when he starts thinking he has a psychic connection to the killer.
(XA ** R ** 78K)
Boggs's Rec: It's so much fun to read a story with this much going for it: a profiling Mulder, a dolled up Scully, a mad serial killer, jealousy and confusion all around, and a well-paced, emotionally-charged writing style. Fabulous!
Erlona's Heart
By MD1016 (
Mulder takes Scully on her dream vacation.
(Action/Adventure, Romance M/S, Angst M/S ** NC-17 ** 444K)
Ahab's Rec: This story is about so much more than a vacation. It's a rip-roaring adventure, a passionate romance, and a tantalyzing mystery. If you haven't already read this epic story (or even if you already have), you're in for a real treat!
Jasper's Last Thought
By MD1016 (
Scully is abducted again, and returned to find her world has changed.
(TRA, MSR ** PG ** 30K)
Max's Rec: Touching and hopeful, MD takes Mulder and Scully on a journey to a new life in a unique town you won't soon forget.
Journal 1999 and Journal 2000
By MD1016 (
(TAR ** NC-17 ** 193K and 432K)
CSM's Rec: These two stories have a little bit of everything: adventure, tragedy, romance, angst. Above all they're about the undying bond between Mulder and Scully, and the hope and love that grows between them during the most dangerous of times.
By MD1016 (
Sequel to Dead Channels
(VA ** G ** 5K)
Max's Rec: In this, the third story in the fabulous Miles To Go Series, the angst flies off the page. There's so much sting in Mulder and Scully's conversation on an airplane that it almost hurts to read their words. It's that good.
Dumb Luck
By Lara Means (
"Bad blood and ghosts wrapped tight around me..." Bob Fassl's legacy.
(V, "Underneath" post-ep ** PG ** 8K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Lara has a marvelous handle on Doggett and Reyes, writing them with distinct emotions and their own voices that seamlessly blend with their characters onscreen. If you don't remember the events or ending of "Underneath," don't worry. This story's quiet nighttime talk provides necessary background and focuses on the characters.
Brave New World
By Meredith (
Requiem post-ep
(A, MSR ** R ** 42K)
Max's Rec: Meredith's Scully is strong but vulnerable in this insightful story about her life without Mulder, set during the long months of his abduction.
Rebirth: On a Clear Night
By Meredith (
Scully ponders how quickly she's fallen back into the same old routine -- and yet realizes things are far from being the same. Set post-"Detour."
(V,UST ** Not rated ** 8K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: Meredith wonderfully captures Scully's voice in this quiet, introspective story that comes back to tried and true X-Files themes, desire and hope. (You may also want to read the other terrific stories in this too-short series, which you can find here at Meredith's site.)
Tangible I, II, and III
By Blueswirl ( and Meredith (
Sometimes, to have anything, one must be willing to risk everything.
(T,R,A ** NC-17 ** 85K, 73K, 70K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: It's not until parts II and III that a forest becomes an essential part of the story, but that shouldn't stop you from reading (or rereading) all three stories. It's probably been said before that post-colonization, angst, and romance can hardly be done better than they're all done in this series, but it's worth repeating because it's true.
By Mesa (
The danger of the oceans is that you can never see the undertow until it's too late.
(V, A, R, MSR ** NC-17 ** 18K)
Ahab's Rec: Water defines Dana in this gorgeous metaphorical tale of survival, balance, and love. This story begins Mesa's "Ancient Elements" series, and while not about water like this story, "Weightless," "Ablaze," and "Plate Tectonics" are also each unbelievably amazing and well worth reading and savoring.
Unnatural Disaster
By Michaela (
It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want ...
(No classifications ** R ** 559K)
Tooms's Rec: There's much to love in this classic story: romance, danger, angst, Mulder as a profiler, and Scully in danger and taking control of her destiny. Perhaps the best thing, however, is the reappearance of Ed Jerse, who is even more troubled than he appeared to be in "Never Again."
By J.S. Michel (
You gotta live it every day.
(Post-col, DRR, Implied MSR ** R ** 51K)
Melissa's Rec: Just when you think that nobody writes post cols anymore, one comes out that grabs you, sucks you in, and makes you wish for more. J.S. Michel's story set in Mexico post-war is gritty and surprising with terrific characterizations.
Growing Pains
By J.S. Michel (
A day in the life.
(155-word challenge ** G ** 2K)
Padgett's Rec: Every word counts when there are only 155 of them, and J.S. Michel succeeds in expressing the thoughts and feelings of Gibson Praise in this succinct 155-word vignette.
Night Camp
By J.S. Michel (
It was a dark and stormy night.
(S, Mulder/Scully UST ** G ** 23K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: It's a simple premise, Mulder and Scully out camping when rain causes unexpectedly close quarters, but this story feels unique because its season two setting perfectly captures the sweet, respectful, tentative nature of Mulder and Scully's relationship.
By JS Michel (
Long-lost mail.
(Doggett/Reyes ** G ** 9K)
Tooms's Rec: JS Michel always captures John Doggett's voice beautifully, and with this story she shows that she can write a great Monica Reyes as well through a short, sweet snapshot of how John and Monica's romance began, and of their future, years after "The Truth."
One Holiday At A Time
By Rhoda Miel
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 16K)
Melissa's Rec: Dana muddles through her first Christmas without me but gets some help from Mulder and from within herself in this beautifully introspective and hopeful story.
Bumps in the Night, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4
By Rhoda Miel
"State police in Michigan are looking for a little help tracking down some unusual sounds emanating from a family home in a quiet corner of the Upper Peninsula."
(X ** PG ** 87K)
Samantha's Rec: This very early casefile is all about ghosts and a haunted house, so of course I like it. There's only one little section that considers the impact of stars, but that section's a delicious look at family.
The Fourth Breath
By Mish (
Sometimes it takes more than one breath. Or two, or three...
(SA, MSR, AU ** PG ** 19K)
CSM's Rec: Fairytale intertwines with real life drama in Mish's poignant, romantic story.
By Mish (
Let's just say, it's post "all things", and it has smut.
(MSR, PWP (sort of) ** NC-17 ** 30K)
Max's Rec: Mulder and Scully share a romantic interlude in a New Orleans gazebo in this sensually detailed story.
By Mish (
Baseball, a long hot summer with no X-files, and nothing to do but hang out at the park and talk. Perfect, right?
(M/S UST, MSR, slight M/O and S/O ** R ** 51K)
Exley's Rec: Baseball, banter, wooing, and the summer after the X-Files gets reopened in the movie - this story will paint a smile on your face from start to finish. Everything in it is not always an entirely smooth, easy ride, but it's always oh so good.
The Best Medicine
By ML (
A little trip into AU territory after "Pine Bluff Variant."
(Vignette, MSR ** NC-17 ** 50K)
CSM's Rec: Although this story is AU, you may quickly forget that since ML makes the events seem just right. Mulder's humor, insecurity, and confidence all come together wonderfully in this sweet tale of partnership.
Charm Offensive
By ML (
An unwanted gift provokes some very personal revelations between Mulder and Scully.
(V, MSR ** R ** 69K)
Melissa's Rec: Throughout the "Milagro" case, Dana and Mulder are thinking about much more than it seems, as told in ML's sensitive, wrenching, and romantic story. No doubt you'll want to go watch the episode again after reading this and watch with a renewed happy knowledge of what could be happening between the scenes.
Green Tea and Mint
By ML (
Sometimes the strangest thing can be a catalyst.
(Vignette, Mulder/Scully UST ** R ** 52K)
Padgett's Rec: Sweet and sexy, this story adds a special meaning to Scully's actions during the final scene of "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati." The challenge elements ML used are seamlessly woven into this MSR set during the sixth season.
An Honorable Man
By ML (
"I come to bury Caesar, not to honor him."
(Vignette ** PG ** 11K)
Padgett's Rec: In this intriguing vignette, ML takes us back to they heyday of the mytharc, shedding a little light on Well-Manicured Man's ambiguous and shady motivations.
In the Bleak Midwinter
By ML (
Scully finds some unexpected support when she needs it most.
(Vignette, Angst ** PG ** 19K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: ML taps into Scully's painful emotions during season eight and treats them with great respect and gravity even as they're used as a springboard for a Christmas story. And even though we never knew much about Scully's family, here they're just right.
Secret Holiday
By ML (
The best holidays are the ones we declare for ourselves.
(No classifications ** R ** 38K)
Exley's Rec: Any move Mulder and Scully made beyond being just friends had to have been full of little difficulties, and ML fantastically describes how it might've been this enchanting, sexy story.
The Lessons Series
By Jori ( and MoJo (
Mulder and Scully resolve some of their UST using the wide world of sports!
(SR, UST ** PG to NC-17 ** 279K (in 14 parts))
Exley's Rec: Mulder taught Scully baseball in "The Unnatural," and these stories follow that episode and feature lessons in various sports alternately taught by Mulder and Scully. Witty innuendo features prominently and romance is in the air. There aren't any losers in the sports played in this series!
The Sin Eater
By Jane Mortimer (
A story about alternatives, or the lack of them.
(No classifications ** G ** 48K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This story is stunning. It's deceit, trust, confusion, and desire layered in mystery and unraveled bit by bit. It's intense, puzzling, smart, and jaw-dropping. Read it.
Open Sea
By Vickie Moseley ( and Summer
Mulder and Scully's journal entries during the episode "Beyond the Sea".
(S ** PG ** 159K)
Padgett's Rec: Mulder and Scully are so young and innocent in many ways during their first year on the X-Files, and their journals well capture their excitement and awe at their jobs and with each other against the backdrop of a particularly meaningful case.
Dream a Little Dream
By Vickie Moseley (
The Hospital Scenes from "End Game."
(M/S Friendship ** Not rated ** 29K)
Roche's Rec: Mulder's illness in "End Game" must have thrown Mulder and Scully for a loop, and Vickie writes a convincing tale that features them dreaming and thinking about their first meeting in "The Pilot."
By mountainphile (
Season 2 post-episode for "Firewalker" and what might have followed after decontamination quarantine.
(Early-season M&S ** G ** 6K)
Exley's Rec: Taking an episode that hasn't exactly inspired many post-ep stories, mountainphile writes a charming tale about the case's aftermath, particularly on Mulder and his outlook on the future.
Low Profile
By mountainphile (
No summary
(M/S friendship, H, UST ** PG-13 ** 22K)
Deep Throat's Rec: If you're a fan of "Bad Blood," great characterization and conversation, and UST, then you will love this story. This story picks up at the end of Mulder and Scully's investigation in Cheney, Texas and gives an amusing and sweet account of how they might have explained the end of the case to each other.
Seeds of Synchronicity
By Mountainphile (
Six years after the events of "Aubrey," Scully and Mulder revisit the Missouri town to confront old demons and lay new ones to rest.
(MSR, X-File ** NC-17 ** 544K)
Tooms's Rec: Mountainphile gives depth and feeling to characters in "Aubrey" that you may have forgotten, but this story is so excellent that you'll want to rush to rewatch that episode. A pretty perfect X-File in all respects, from characterization to writing to emotion.
Waiting In Motion
By mountainphile (
After leaving the hot spring (in Miraculous Manifestation), Scully and Mulder take an unexpected detour on the way home. Dark secrets emerge when they seek shelter in a raging storm...and an intriguing X-file rears its head...
(MSR, case-file ** NC-17 ** 196K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: While primarily a story about Mulder and Scully adjusting to their new intimate relationship (with plenty of excellent NC-17 material), this story also involves a strange scientific X-File in and around a mountain forest. It's hard to say which is more enjoyable in the story, but together they make for one fantastic and unforgettable story! (While you could read and understand this story without reading its prequel or sequel, both Miraculous Manifestation and Signs Of Life are well worth reading.)
Odi Et Amo
By Mia Munro (
In the hell of post-colonization two people meet.
(SKipper, AU, PWP, Post-Colonization ** R ** 61K)
CSM's Rec: This story isn't so much about colonization as it is about the pressures, desires, sacrifices, and values that colonization develops (or exacerbates) in Krycek and Scully. Gritty and tense, this story's worth your time.
And Dance By the Light of the Moon
By MustangSally ( and RivkaT (
Halloween (mind) candy.
(SRH ** NC-17 ** 22K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: It's hard to choose the best part of this story, though it might be Mulder saying "I am not carrying a dead guy without pants." Or maybe the ridiculously apt Mulder and Scully cavorting in a cemetery. Or maybe it's the wicked ending that makes this story such a treat.
Bump in the Night
By MystPhile (
A Halloween/Birthday/Ghost/Love story
(V, MSR, X ** PG-13 ** 19K)
The Great Pumpkin's Rec: Remember Mulder and Scully in a haunted Christmas house at Mulder's request? This time, it's a haunted Halloween house, and it's all Scully's idea. Except for the romance - that's mutual.

By nevdull (
A short little thing about two little dreams.
(R/H ** NC-17 ** 4K)
Roche's Rec: Who knew that so much wicked punch could be packed into such a little story?
One One-thousand
By Nevdull (
Waiting for the last ball to drop.
(XA ** R ** 18K)
CSM's Rec: As a child Mulder had nightmares about being the only person left on earth. After reading this dark, chilling story, it's easy to see why.
Thank You, Drive Around
By nevdull (
No summary
(SAH (M/S UST) ** PG ** 22K)
Queequeg's Rec: An unusual undercover assignment puts Scully in touch with her animal side. Nevdull's story manages to be both humorous and insightful in its examination of Scully's partnership with Mulder.
By Nevdull
The stars are projectors.
(X (mytharc) ** R ** 323K)
Amazing Maleeni's Rec: The mytharc actually makes sense in this ambitious, exciting story. The tale is Mulder and Scully's, but Krycek, Marita, the Lone Gunmen, and Skinner are also all important players in the big colonization picture. Truly a marvelous, exhilarating story! (Yes, there's eventually a big to-do at an amusement park of sorts.)
By Barbara Nice-Miller (
Routine survival training turns into more than either agent bargained for.
(Mulder/Scully Romance ** NC-17 ** 66K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: The idea of Mulder and Scully being alone and able to realize and act upon their true feelings for each other may not be the most original fanfic idea out there, but this story has a somewhat sinister presence lurking in the background that makes it particularly mysterious.
By Nlynn (
You could be whoever you wanted to be, slip on one identity, and if it didn't fit, toss it aside and try on another one.
(No classifications ** PG-13 ** 29K)
The Great Pumpkins's Rec: Scully struggles with painful emotions in this touching story set after "The Truth", missing both the family she left behind and the son she gave away.
Feria #40
By not jenny (
Soup or salad. Babies. Fear. Running away. Coffee. Silly hats.
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 7K)
Roche's Rec: Wow. Scully is hard, brittle, and scarily calm in this wonderfully chilling AU set after "William."
What's Left is Magic
By not jenny (
"There's a black cat in the middle of the parking lot."
(Scully/Reyes, references to MSR, post-"The Truth" ** R ** 7K)
Exley's Rec: There's a desperation about Scully in this story that's sad and angsty even as it's right. She's seems a little off kilter here, as does Mulder, but that helps fit this tale into their strange lives after "The Truth."
Queen of the World
By Nynaeve (
A 'missing scene' from "Detour", in which Scully continues singing to Mulder.
(V, post-ep, implied MSR ** R ** 5K)
The Jersey Devil's Rec: I like this interpretation of why Scully chose the song she sang to Mulder when they were stranded in the woods. I also like how much promise and hope there is between Mulder and Scully in this story.

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