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Guest Ghost Title
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The cold and the snow are what upset me the most about your planet because they didn't let me and my colonizing friends multiply like we wanted to, but the cold and the snow aren't all bad. In this selection of classic stories fitting for the winter season, snow always plays an important role and always makes for a good read. None give away the secrets of colonization or rebel efforts against it, but one of your stories may one day explain it all to me and we'll be back!

Also, on behalf of all the spirits haunting The Other Side, I want to thank all you fic readers and writers for helping us reach our second birthday! We wouldn't have an afterlife without you!

New Stories
Aural Sex
By Dr. Pepper (
With Scully still recovering from her gunshot wound, she and Mulder make the most of bedtime conversation.
(No classifications ** NC-17 ** 45K)
Movie Alien's Rec: What a delicious, fun, naughty story! It's full of charm and uniquely Mulder and Scully with great characterizations and memories and fantasies that manage to sound realistic even though Mulder and Scully never talked (or did!) anything like this that we saw on the show.
Buttons for Eyes
By cofax (
There was a package on her chair.
(No classifications ** G ** 4K)
Movie Alien's Rec: In this short tale, the gift and the silence are so sweet, so perfect, and so them.
Home for Christmas
By stellar_dust (
Mulder!Christmas through the years.
(No classifications ** PG ** 26K)
Movie Alien's Rec: I like how these glimpses of Mulder's Christmases all explain a little piece of Mulder and how the years when he was on the X-Files all reveal little clues about what we saw in various episodes. The year involving the explanation of Mulder's Christmas hat and the year with the conversation with Frohike are particularly satisfying.
How To Fly
By Oracle (
"Sometimes I wonder how we get out of bed every morning. How we keep holding onto life, even when it looks like we aren't going to make it. And how we keep fighting. How we never give up."
(VRA ** PG ** 15K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Mulder and Scully are both spot-on perfectly endearing, annoying, stubborn, witty, and smitten in this snowy Christmas Eve tale. Sometimes scenes in fic can immediately become part of character canon, and Mulder's story about reindeer and Scully's reaction to it is one of those scenes.
Late Night at the Hoover
By fran58 (
Early in the series. A late night encounter.
(V ** PG ** 9K)
Movie Alien's Rec: It's easy to imagine the scene in this story happening at the beginning of season one. Mulder is at his cocky, unsure best and Scully is equally insistent, strong, and wary. A great slice of character insight!
The Nature of the Beast
By ML (
Mulder and Scully continue to work on their partnership in the aftermath of Two Fathers/One Son
(No classifications ** PG-13 ** 23K)
Movie Alien's Rec: This story takes places right before and during the episode "Alpha," and ML makes great use of Mulder's female informant to feed Scully's thoughts about Mulder. The UST crackles in the best way, and your heart aches for both Mulder and Scully. (This story is in a series by ML, and while this one can definitely stand on its own, you may also enjoying reading the first three stories, Sounding the Depths, Interval, and Do Overs.)
Once More, With Feeling
By Jaime Lyn (
Mulder and Scully in rewind.
(Irreverent comedy/romance/banter/what the hell got those two into bed together anyway? ** PG-13 ** 51K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Banter makes up the bulk of this story, and it is consistently stupendous. It's also consistently absurd and funny, which Mulder and Scully typically are not, but their words still ring very true and are the perfect courting dance. The backwards storytelling style is also a nice touch as Mulder and Scully's courtship was anything but ordinary.
By Punk and Sab, writing as V. Salmone (
The short version.
(V, UST ** G ** 4K)
Movie Alien's Rec: This story captures exactly why Mulder and Scully are perfect for each other - they're smart, obtuse, beautiful, and ridiculous. Welcome back, V, Salmone!
An Unexpected Song
By Gina Rain (
Scully is hearing things she can no longer deny.
(S, A, MSR ** PG ** 11K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Gina nicely captures Scully's season eight melancholy, but it's Scully's flashbacks to a morning with Mulder that really stand out in this gentle vignette.
Wishful Thinking
By E.D. (
Skinner tries to soften the blow.
(MSR, Mulder angst ** PG-13 ** 7K)
Movie Alien's Rec: E.D. fills in an important blank from "The Truth" with a good deal of believability, delicious angst, and all-important hope.

Classic Stories
Anesthetic and Old Lace
By Plausible Deniability (
A snowstorm, an old movie, and Scully's girlhood bed.
(S, R ** NC-17 ** 35K)
Movie Alien's Rec: This story is so fun, and Mulder and Scully are both characterized well as Scully tends to a wounded Mulder. If only all snowstorms could lead to a scenario like this filled with such amusement, giggling, and secrets!
By L.C. Brown (
Mulder and Scully are caught in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere without any shelter. Will they survive?
(TRA ** PG ** 86K)
Movie Alien's Rec: A trapped-together, relationship-examining, UST classic! And if it's not a classic, it should be! If you think you know where this story's headed when you start reading it, you have NO idea! If you want more (and you should), the very excellent "Transfers" follows this story, and you can find it at Gossamer.
By Justin Glasser
Mulder and Scully are taken off the ice, but they wouldn't call it being rescued.
(Mulder/Scully UST, X-file ** R ** 106K)
Movie Alien's Rec: This story is one of, if not THE, most stirring post-movie stories you'll ever read with a plot and an emotional undercurrent to die for. It's wrenching, alarming, moving, comforting, romantic, and marvelous.
Christmas Eve & Airports
By Jen (
A snowy Christmas Eve at an airport.
(Mulder/Scully UST ** Not rated ** 28K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Mulder's sick, Scully's tending to him and waxing poetic about Scully family Christmases, they're stuck overnight at an airport, and it's hard not to love them both when they're acting so sweet, annoyed, and charming. (There's a sequel to this story that you may also want to check out, Christmas & Mrs. Scully's House.)
Disturbing the Universe
By Kelly Keil (
A possible scenario for what could have happened in all that snow and ice during the movie.
(S, MSR ** R ** 49K)
Movie Alien's Rec: It's hard not to love any story that plausibly explains how Mulder and Scully got out of Antarctica, particularly when the story includes a lot of great conversation, just one sleeping bag, and very cold kisses.
A Dream Of Fools
By Spica (
Tiger and wolf, winter snow and cornflowers, wounds and desire: a war of wills.
(S, A, Sc/K ** NC-17 ** 82K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Spica writes a mean Krycek! This is one of those stories that you can't stop reading once you start and that you know you probably shouldn't love and believe in because it's so gritty and somehow wrong but that you definitely do love and believe in from start to finish.
Fifth Day in Paradise, Part 1, Part 2
By Kate Rickman (
En route to the scene of an X-File, Mulder and Scully are stranded in the snowy wilderness after their rental car breaks down on a deserted road. Instead of finding their way back to civilization, they stumble into a treacherous plot that could cost them their lives. Through it all, Scully struggles to accept her deepening relationship with Mulder.
(MSR, S ** R ** 265K)
Movie Alien's Rec: What a fantastic story! Mulder and Scully are in the thick of a great old-fashioned murder mystery that keeps getting more and more thorny. Interspersed with a cast of potential suspects and sweet romance, this story is easy to adore!
First Snow
By aRcaDIaNFall$ (
It's snowing.
(A, MSR, babyfic ** PG ** 7K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Don't skip over the "A" in the heading because while there's a baby around, there's much more angst, and it's oh so good. I love the reason why Scully's wary of the snow now, and I love how Mulder responds to her reaction.
By Dasha K (
The end of a case, and a stay in a log cabin during a blizzard, lead Scully to take the biggest risk of her life.
(SRA ** NC-17 ** 53K)
Movie Alien's Rec: If you haven't read this story, you're in for a treat! This story swings from romantically lush to devastatingly dark, with both ends of the spectrum wonderfully, seamlessly written.
In Winter Snows
By Jesemie's Evil Twin (
No summary
(Mild Oddness, Story, UST ** Not rated ** 29K)
Movie Alien's Rec: It is a good thing that Charlie Scully was never on the show because now he can be exactly like he is in this story, adoring and peculiar. Mulder and Scully are also quite wonderful here, and the childhood fairytale Charlie brings them is perfect.
Nonessential Personnel
By Lara Means (
Mulder and Scully have a snow day.
(SR ** PG ** 20K)
Movie Alien's Rec: It's nice to see Mulder and Scully have some light-hearted, snow-filled fun! I especially like how their childlike snow day brings out some childhood reminiscing. (This story begins Lara's Conversation Hearts series, and you can find the sequel stories at her website for the series.)
Perception of Snow
By MoJo (
The beginning of the relationship, set on Christmas Eve.
(MSR ** NC-17 ** 46K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Mulder and Scully are both so sweetly tentative and confident yet completely themselves as they spend time getting to know each other in new ways while stuck at a hotel during a snowstorm. This story is the first in MoJo's Weekend Series, so there's much more storytelling to be had in this universe!
By LuvTheBeez
Mulder and a very pregnant Scully are caught in a hostage situation.
(Angst/MSR/M&S Married ** NC-17 ** 125K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Mulder and Scully married stories can be achingly romantic, and this one certainly is, but they're not usually scarily tense, which this one also is to a great extreme. The combination is wonderful and very fitting for an X-Files story.
Snowed In
By Jaime Lyn ( or
Stuck in an airport.
(Mulder/Scully UST ** Not Rated ** 4K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Season one Mulder and Scully are so adorable, getting to know each other through a made-up question and answer game in this short, amusing, and telling story.
By Alicia K. (
A beautiful moon.
(M/S UST ** G ** 9K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Alicia serves a perfect slice of UST and quiet, meaningful calm in this short introspective story.
A Thin Veneer
By Analise (
Colonization has come and gone, taking civilization with it. But not necessarily civilzation's monsters.
(A, S, X, MSR ** NC-17 ** 175K)
Movie Alien's Rec: There's little this story lacks, except maybe for more words. It's an exciting and angsty ride from start to finish. Post-cols, and fic in general, rarely get better than what Analise writes here.
By A.I. Irving
On a snowy night in February, Scully reads Mulder's journal and comes to realize the depth of his commitment to her.
(A, R, S ** NC-17 ** 78K)
Movie Alien's Rec: Smart, sexy, and snowy sums up this terrific story. Mulder's angst is captured particularly well, as is Scully's strong, independent, and careful way of dealing with just about everything. While you can jump right into "Winterlude," you might want to first read the magnificent (and quite long) stories preceding it, "The Actor" and "The Cry of the Truth," both of which you can find at The Annex and at Gossamer.
You Surprise Me
By Kipler (
An alternative movie ending.
(V ** G ** 9K)
Movie Alien's Rec: "Alternative" is right! You'd be hard pressed to find a more wonderfully gut-wrenching what-if story than this one.

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