April 15, 2003
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People just can't get enough of a good thing. The following classic stories feature characters so compelling that a brief appearance on The X-Files just wasn't enough. These authors brought them back for an encore performance. Enjoy, and remember to send feedback -- it's even tastier than a nice dish of liver and onions.

New Stories
By Supernova (supernova818@aol.com)
Post-Ep for Orison
(No classifications ** PG-13 ** 7K)
Tooms's Rec: In this vignette, Supernova explores Scully's vulnerability and need for Mulder in the aftermath of Pfaster's "Orison" return.
Cold Pizza, Warm Pepsi, and You
By dtg (dgoggans@earthlink.net)
Pizza in the car by a lake in the moonlight.
(vignette, post ep for Chimera ** PG ** 8K)
Tooms's Rec: As its title suggests, this story relays a relaxing diversion for Mulder and Scully. Their playful banter here is particularly sweet, smart, and a nice change of pace.
Devil's Claws
By Foxhunt2blue (foxhunter2blue@yahoo.com or Kitsunegari2001@aol.com)
Temptation is different for each man, for each woman. In time we may wonder if it were the guidance of fate or the devil that led us down our chosen path.
(Scully angst, M/S UST ** PG-13 ** 4K)
Tooms's Rec: Scully muses about religion, temptation, and choice in this sharp, introspective "all things" story.
Just Go to the Graveyard and Ask Around
By Sabine (sabine101@juno.com)
The Scully he knows versus the Scully he doesn't.
(MSR ** PG ** 23K)
Tooms's Rec: Mulder and Scully are simply spot-on perfectly characterized in Sabine's story about Mulder's doubts, Scully's illness, and their future. It's a mytharc story, it's a romance, and it's a joy to read.
By Oracle (apollostemple@yahoo.com)
One thing that will never end.
(VRA ** PG ** 9K)
Tooms's Rec: In this touching vignette, Oracle provides us with a lovely glimpse of Mulder and Scully on the verge of romance.
By Shaye (snortgirl@earthlink.net)
Getting through the night together is far more perilous than this. Otherwise known as The One Where Scully Actually Gets Some.
(Mulder/Scully, Doggett/Scully, Doggett/Reyes, implied Scully/Reyes. Radical tense shifts. ** PG-13 ** 21K)
Tooms's Rec: Everyone is a little bit unsure, lost, and lonely amongst friends post "The Truth." Scully is particularly well written as a sad, hurt, yet hopeful soul in this story that shows a dark side of the characters and how they might be affected by the traumatic events they all endured.
One Simple Kiss
By DM (unruhe1121@hotmail.com)
"No one ever told me that getting ONE simple kiss would be *this* hard. But, with Scully, nothing is ever simple. She's wonderfully complicated."
(V, R, MSR ** PG ** 12K)
Tooms's Rec: In a continuation of the series begun with "Kroner," this story follows Mulder and Scully's changing relationship with romance and humor. I love how something so easy is so hard in this story about Mulder and Scully sweetly coming to a decision about themselves.
By JS Michel (jsm25@hotmail.com)
Long-lost mail.
(Doggett/Reyes ** G ** 9K)
Tooms's Rec: JS Michel always captures John Doggett's voice beautifully, and with this story she shows that she can write a great Monica Reyes as well through a short, sweet snapshot of how John and Monica's romance began, and of their future, years after "The Truth."
Way Beyond Blue
By Jori Remington (jori@netroenterprises.com)
One lonely night can change everything.
(SRA, MSR, post-ep for 'Per Manum' ** NC-17 ** 30K)
Tooms's Rec: This story delves into the aftermath of Scully's failed IVF attempt with realism and angst.

Classic Stories
All Things Bright and Beautiful
By dlynn
"Scully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of man would quit his job, leave his family, follow you across the country, and never contact you the entire time he was here. Never once, in ten years, did he call you, or write you, or contact you in any way. What kind of man is that, Scully?"
(post episode, MSR, psychological thriller, angst ** R ** 222K)
Tooms's Rec: Daniel Waterston plays a terrifying role in this exciting story set soon after the events of "all things."
Arizona Highways
By Fialka (fialka62@yahoo.com)
Visions of Melissa lead Our Heroes on a case confirming the existence of a series of Emilys. But does Melissa really have a message, or is it all in Scully's head?
(X-File, M/S, Angst ** NC-17 ** 740K)
Tooms's Rec: With adventure, angst, romance, and exquisite writing, this novel is so much more than just a returning character fic. However, John Kresge does play a key part in the story, and Fialka does a marvelous job in fleshing out his character, making him as real and three-dimensional as Mulder and Scully.
By Maria Nicole (marianicole29@yahoo.com)
Mulder and Scully deal with the aftermath of their little trip from Field Trip, and confront an old case.
(X ** PG ** 125K)
Tooms's Rec: Maria Nicole writes excellent Mulder/Scully dialogue in this dreamy story. Their intellectual back and forth crackles with UST as they wade their way through a case and each other's minds.
Heavenly Creatures
By Pellinor (Pellinor@astolat.demon.co.uk)
How do you commit murder when you're dead? Sometimes, being in heaven can be such a bore....
(SH ** PG ** 31K)
Tooms's Rec: Characters don't exactly return in this vignette of sharp, dry wit, but they're still thinking and plotting and trying to interact with people they once knew as told humorously through a unique perspective. And for the record, I do not wear frills and I do not play the harp.
The Hollow Man
By Madeleine Partous (partous@parkpub.com)
Mulder faces his nemesis -- and it's not what he expected.
(Angst, MSR ** NC-17 ** 35K)
Tooms's Rec: Deep in Mulder's mind, he finds what was, is, and could be in this tense, visceral tale.
By Justin Glasser (Julan777@aol.com)
Scully gets a message from Kevin Cryder asking for her help.
(X/UST ** R ** 128K)
Tooms's Rec: The mystery in this story builds slowly, but at the same time the pace is frantic and tense thanks to Justin's excellent writing and his characterization, especially the dynamics of Mulder and Scully's relationship and Scully's compassion, faith, and dedication. Scully and Mulder are both significantly emotionally affected by Kevin's return to their lives, and how they deal with these new revelations is a bittersweet treat to read.
By Ambress
Sequel to a revised The Leap. Scully has had a one time opportunity for motherhood, given to her by the Kurt Crawfords. She and Mulder have spent the night together (having S-E-X) in an attempt to get her pregnant.
(MSR ** NC-17 ** 82K)
Tooms's Rec: Kurt Crawford returns to make Scully an unexpected offer in this sexy, romantic story.
Past Imperfect
By Joann Humby (jhumby@lineone.net)
The FBI wants Mulder to find out what went wrong with Bill Patterson, Bill is keen to talk, but why? Mulder and Scully consider the people who walk into the abyss and the people who they drag down with them.
(X, A ** R ** 366K)
Tooms's Rec: Joann presents Agent Mulder as a profiler in exquisite detail and with heartbreaking angst, strength, sadness, and tension. Mulder's relationship with Agent Scully adds a layer of depth and feeling to this story.
By Adam Webb
Follow up to "Fire." Set in England, it features Cecil L'ively and Mulder's old flame, Phoebe Green.
(XR ** PG ** 84K)
Tooms's Rec: Mulder and Scully are tasked with escorting Cecil L'ively back to England, and he is not happy. This story gives a tense, scary view at the psyche and actions of Cecil. It also weaves in personal insights and resolutions for Mulder and Phoebe that are very believable and, maybe because this is an early X-Files story, is refreshing in its characterization of Phoebe.
Seeds of Synchronicity
By Mountainphile (mountainphile@yahoo.com)
Six years after the events of "Aubrey," Scully and Mulder revisit the Missouri town to confront old demons and lay new ones to rest.
(MSR, X-File ** NC-17 ** 544K)
Tooms's Rec: Mountainphile gives depth and feeling to characters in "Aubrey" that you may have forgotten, but this story is so excellent that you'll want to rush to rewatch that episode. A pretty perfect X-File in all respects, from characterization to writing to emotion.
Small Fries
By Kel (ckelll@hotmail.com)
The bud doesn't fall far from the spud.
(X ** G ** 75K)
Tooms's Rec: Two of the most colorful and humorous characters ever to appear in the X-Files return in this casefile exploring the Van Blundht progeny. Kel's trademark wit makes this a highly entertaining read.
Unnatural Disaster
By Michaela (Michaela@stny.rr.com)
It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want ...
(No classifications ** R ** 559K)
Tooms's Rec: There's much to love in this classic story: romance, danger, angst, Mulder as a profiler, and Scully in danger and taking control of her destiny. Perhaps the best thing, however, is the reappearance of Ed Jerse, who is even more troubled than he appeared to be in "Never Again."

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