January 25, 2003
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There's something uniquely magical about a starry night, even if you live in starlight like me. All of the classic stories I've picked are by authors who know a little something about this magic (without even having the benefit of living in starlight) and all their stories feature it in some way. Read, enjoy, get a little starry-eyed, and be sure to send feedback.

[Note from The Cryptkeeper: Though Samantha may still look like a child thanks to the age-defying properties of starlight, she's actually thirtysomething. If you're under 18, you'll want to avoid NC-17 fics.]

New Stories
Abstract Love
By fran58 (fran58@fran58.net)
"No, no joke, son," he said. The man's eyes held a trace of amusement. "You don't believe me, do you?"
(V ** G ** 23K)
Samantha's Rec: This story takes my brother and Scully on an interesting little journey that they didn't plan but may come to enjoy. This story also takes me back to the good old days of eating pastries and cookies fresh from the bakery.
Anonymous People are the Only People Here
By Jamie Lyn (Leiaj21@hotmail.com or UCFGuardgirl@aol.com)
When you're alone...
(MSR, Angst ** PG ** 24K)
Samantha's Rec: This story may make you cry because it made me cry. Jamie Lyn writes a marvelous tale weaving together Fox's and Scully's angst.
Another Night in Roswell
By Elizabeth Rowandale (bstrbabs@earthlink.net)
Post-ep to "The Truth". Shadows and light and whispered words. The rest of the night in the motel room in Roswell.
(Story, Angst, MSR ** R ** 23K)
Samantha's Rec: Their reunion, like so much else in their lives, was bittersweet, and Elizabeth beautifully captures both the pain and the joy of Fox and Scully's first night back together.
Behind the Curtains
By Lilydale (lilydale10@yahoo.com)
Mulder and Scully take some time to enjoy a beautiful day, contemplate circus peanuts, and watch a demon dance.
(V, UST ** Not Rated ** 16K)
Samantha's Rec: Set during the sixth season, this story features snappy dialogue, great UST, and a perceptive look at Fox and Scully on the verge of becoming more than just friends and partners.
Black Bicycles
By Bonetree (Bonetree@aol.com)
"And through the strobed spokes of the bicycles I saw my son...a sailor on the shore of that dark and silent sea."
(Post-ep ** PG ** 10K)
Samantha's Rec: Gorgeous, poetic writing and exquisite angst. Bonetree makes you feel Scully's heartbreak as if it were your own.
Ghosts of Christmas Present
By Anjou (Anjou@rocketmail.com)
By Gwinne (gwinne@yahoo.com)
"William" Post-ep
(Angst-O-Rama ** Not Rated ** 9K)
Samantha's Rec: A touching look at Scully's last hours with William, interspersed with memories of her long road to motherhood.
By conspiracy (conspiracy13@hotmail.com)
A peek at the psyches of both characters at the series' end. Some exorcising of demons, if you will, that Chris Carter just sort of swept under the rug.
(V, quasi-MSR, A ** PG-13 ** 14K)
Samantha's Rec: Fox and Scully are together again, but maybe being physically close isn't enough to make them feel whole and together. They think a little and talk a lot in this wonderfully real story.
Resurrection Day
By Emma Brightman (emmabrightman1013@yahoo.com)
"DeadAlive" Post-ep
(V, A ** PG ** 8K)
Samantha's Rec: In this story, Doggett thinks about his lost son and talks to Scully with spot-on characterization that's a delight to read.
Things That Lie Outside
By JET (eviljesemie@yahoo.com or jetpaine@yahoo.com)
"The dead need peace, the dead need sleep, let the dead have peace and sleep..." -- Carl Sandburg
("Paper Hearts" Post-ep, AU ** Not Rated ** 70K)
Samantha's Rec: In this story in which I play a big role, JET leaps off from the events in Paper Hearts and almost makes me wish that the show had taken this leap too because it's so good.
Two Such Men
By Horatio (Horatio1013@aol.com)
Doggett makes one last stop before leaving New Mexico.
(V, A, Post-ep, MSR, M/S/D friendship ** PG ** 21K)
Samantha's Rec: Horatio gives John Doggett a chance to say goodbye to Fox and Scully and gives readers some evocative details and wonderful insights into his heart and mind.

Classic Stories
A Better Fate Than Wisdom
By Lydia Bower (w.bower@mchsi.com)
Mulder and Scully drink some wine, do some star-gazing, and talk. Imagine that! *g*
(V, H, MSR. Heavy UST alert ** PG-13 ** 17K)
Samantha's Rec: It's nice to see my brother happy, especially when he's gazing at the stars. I hope he and Scully had a night like the one in Lydia's story, so peaceful, honest, and charming and with a great closing line by Scully.
Bumps in the Night, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4
By Rhoda Miel
"State police in Michigan are looking for a little help tracking down some unusual sounds emanating from a family home in a quiet corner of the Upper Peninsula."
(X ** PG ** 87K)
Samantha's Rec: This very early casefile is all about ghosts and a haunted house, so of course I like it. There's only one little section that considers the impact of stars, but that section's a delicious look at family.
Infinitesimal Illumination
By KatyBlue (katy2blue@aol.com)
A late night drive under dark stars.
(UST, MSR, MA, SA ** PG-13 ** 51K)
Samantha's Rec: Scully's honest answer to a question from Fox leads to soul-searching for both of them. Great dialogue, angst, and characterization.
Learning Curve
By JLB (Amory20@aol.com)
Scully plays pupil. (no, it's *not* what you're thinking)
(MSR ** PG-13 ** 25K)
Samantha's Rec: Romantic and sensuously detailed, this story realistically shows us Scully's internal struggle to find her way in her recently redefined relationship with Fox.
The Midnight Clear
By CazQ (CazQ@tesco.net)
"Let us get back our childlike faith again."
(UST, V, with a little twist of A, maybe ** PG ** 24K)
Samantha's Rec: Christmas never seems to work out quite as Scully plans, but in CazQ's sweet story, a little stargazing and conversation with Fox puts her in the holiday spirit.
Midst Of Space Part 1 and Part 2
By Rocketman
Mulder and Scully and the lights inside a planetarium.
(Angst, MSR ** Not Rated ** 17K)
Samantha's Rec: Fox feels invincible among the stars and thinks about his favorite little sister. Scully thinks about another young girl, someone dear to her heart. The stars align.
By Pteropod (beth_monster@yahoo.com)
"They are traveling home after burying Teena Mulder at sea."
(Post-ep (Closure), M/S UST ** PG ** 13K)
Samantha's Rec: Orion shines down on Fox and Scully as they travel home from my mother's funeral. Pteropod's depiction of their tenderness and caring is lovely, as is her poetic language.
By Penumbra (penumbra23@hotmail.com)
Science and Mysticism conjoin
(S, MSR ** R ** 315K)
Samantha's Rec: The stargazing scene in this story cannot be missed. In fact, this whole story cannot be missed because you'd be hard pressed to find such an excellent story in any dimension inhabited by anyone, living or dead. Believe me, I've looked.
Point of View
By Parrotfish
Mulder sinks into a deep blue funk after closing a brutal case. When Scully tries to bring him out of it, he asks more of her than she'd intended to give.
(MSR ** NC-17 ** 25K)
Samantha's Rec: The aftermath of a horrific case and a trip to a planetarium to stargaze lead to some important realizations for Fox and Scully.
By Oracle (apollostemple@yahoo.com)
Earth to Scully.
(M/S UST ** PG-13 ** 10K)
Samantha's Rec: Great things can come in small packages as proven by this glimpse into Scully's thoughts while on a particularly difficult and revealing case.
The Western Stars
By Val Adams (valerian3@earthlink.net)
(Post-col ** NC-17 ** 81K)
Samantha's Rec: Everybody likes cowboys, men in dusty old clothes fighting bad guys on horseback and sleeping under the stars. Especially when those men are in a post apocalyptic world, have intriguing motivations, and include Krycek and Skinner.

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