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December 15, 2003
Guest Ghost Title
Guest Ghost

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why: I'm bringing stories into town! It's been said that a dream is an answer to a question you don't yet know how to ask. I'm good at giving the answers and getting inside people's heads, as are the authors of these classic stories that all feature dreams. So whether you've been naughty or nice, enjoy all these new stories and dreamy classics. Don't forget to send feedback - I already visited their dreams and thanked them.

New Stories
By Bonetree (
August to November of 1994.
(Post-Ep (sort of), A, S, MSR (implied), Mulder/O (from "3") ** PG-13 ** 20K)
Roche's Rec: Bonetree's lush, dreamy writing perfectly captures Scully's abduction experiences in this fantastic glimpse at what might have been and what one day may be remembered.
At Home in the Garden of the Gods
By Frohike (
No summary
(No classifications ** G ** 6K)
Roche's Rec: Scully is usually quiet about what she thinks and feels inside, so it is always a treat to find out more about her. Frohike writes a very charming, slightly bittersweet tale that finds Scully taking Mulder to a special place and sharing something more special with him, as well as with someone else.
Feria #40
By not jenny (
Soup or salad. Babies. Fear. Running away. Coffee. Silly hats.
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 7K)
Roche's Rec: Wow. Scully is hard, brittle, and scarily calm in this wonderfully chilling AU set after "William."
Five Moments of Truth and Trust
By winter baby (
One suitcase full of money, two star-crossed assassins, three sex scenes, four mentions of Mulder, and five ways it never was.
(SRA, K/Ma ** R ** 31K)
Roche's Rec: The situations are desperate, the language oozes with honesty and hurt, and the main characters are hard to like but we like them anyway, much like how they feel about each other. A fascinating, well-woven story.
For All in Tents and Porpoises
By Diana Battis ( or
A greasy burger, a Diet Coke, and thee.
(V,H, MSR ** PG ** 17K)
Roche's Rec: Scully's a little bit out of sorts in this story and caught up with both new and old feelings and memories as she and Mulder are on a pseudo stakeout. While this story is focused on Scully, Diana also writes a wonderful Mulder who completely deserves what Scully gives him in the end.
By Emma Brightman (
No summary
(VA, MSR ** PG ** 15K)
Roche's Rec: On Mulder's 42nd birthday, he's on the run post "The Truth" with Scully, but the action all takes place in one hotel room in this sweet tale. Mulder is particularly delightful with his trademark wit and his (arguably) good looks.
The Grief at the Center
By crwth (
Mulder & Scully after their first run in with Pfaster. Muldercomfort & spooning!
("Irresistible" post-ep ** PG ** 46K)
Roche's Rec: Mulder's and Scully's vulnerabilities and pain are at the forefront of this marvelously raw, emotional story. The characterizations here are particularly poignant, with Mulder caring for Scully with such measured yet tentative ease and Scully reflecting on her insular, "I'm fine" state of emotional affairs.
Keeping Melissa
By Oracle (
You need to believe that she's still around, that she isn't all in your head.
(VA ** PG ** 8K)
Roche's Rec: Of all the ways that Scully may grieve her sister Melissa, this may be one of the more surprising yet strangely appropriate ways.
The Last Picture (by the fork in the road)
By Gina Rain (
Feeling unsettled? Get back in the damned car.
(UST ** PG-13 ** 23K)
Roche's Rec: Gina writes a charming story chock full of excellent conversation and banter as Mulder and Scully both find a little bit of Dreamland still stuck with them.
A Simple Charm
By Philiater (
Post "Theef"
(M and S first time ** R ** 14K)
Roche's Rec: In the aftermath of "Theef," the events of the previous months and the experiences of seven years bring Scully to Mulder's apartment. Philiater uses this history well and writes a very enjoyable first time story.
The Simplest Explanation
By Blueswirl (
A few words on luck, chance, fate and Santa Claus.
(No classifications ** PG ** 35K)
Roche's Rec: Mulder and Scully are spot-on in this story that mixes a heartrending X-File with hopeful personal revelations stemming from issues of luck and fate featured in "The Goldberg Variation" case. Beautiful!
Sweet Dreams
By Polly (
The Case of the Mysteriously Appearing Waterbed
(Post episode Dreamland I and II ** PG-13 ** 19K)
Roche's Rec: Frohike is completely endearing (and a bit hung over) as he tries to help Mulder understand where and why he got his new bed.

Classic Stories
Contact High
By Penumbra (
Scully drops by Mulder's apartment one evening and one thing sort of leads to another. Colonization metaphors abound. Mulder's new bed has a cameo.
(S\R, Angst, RST ** NC-17 ** 91K)
Roche's Rec: One of the most perfect post-episode stories period. The creative story and the enviously fabulous writing are both top notch. If Mulder and Scully didn't leave the events of "Field Trip" and feel, say, and do everything in this story full of shared daydreams, they very well should have.
By J. C. Sun
Mulder dreams.
(VRA ** PG-13 ** 6K)
Roche's Rec: This story reads like a dream with short bursts of words and images that may at first seem confusing but end up creating a lovely, tortured picture of Mulder during a particularly trying time.
Dream a Little Dream
By Vickie Moseley (
The Hospital Scenes from "End Game."
(M/S Friendship ** Not rated ** 29K)
Roche's Rec: Mulder's illness in "End Game" must have thrown Mulder and Scully for a loop, and Vickie writes a convincing tale that features them dreaming and thinking about their first meeting in "The Pilot."
Dream Within a Dream
By Paige Caldwell (
Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?
(MSR, X, S ** R ** 30K)
Roche's Rec: Scully never knows quite what's real and what's a dream in this chilling tale. Hang on to your hat as you navigate the twists and turns of this terrific story!
Dreams Are Answers
By Jaime Greco (
Mulder is wounded and unconscious as a vision of Scully attempts to rescue him. (It's kind of odd, I'll admit it. But, it'll make sense while you're reading.) Meanwhile, a young girl looks to Mulder for help, despite his condition.
(UST, MSR ** PG ** 40K)
Roche's Rec: The dialogue is exquisite in this sometimes thrilling, sometimes sweet, and sometimes humorous story. Mulder's and Scully's quirks and emotions are perfectly and charmingly realized, and the young original character plays off them and becomes endearing herself.
Dreams of Sleeping Fishes
By CazQ (
"She has dreamed lives and possibilities with Mulder, as she did with Daniel, but only now is she ready to dream this one into reality."
(V, UST, post-ep for 'all things' ** PG ** 23K)
Roche's Rec: CazQ wonderfully captures the strange, whirling emotions of "all things" and uses a dream to translate them into the calm, perfect romance that permeated the episode.
Dreams Melt As Snow
By Punk Maneuverability (
Scully's dreams get tangled up with the snow, and she finds that sometimes it's just best to let them both go.
(S, R, Mulder/Scully Romance ** G ** 7K)
Roche's Rec: It's rare to find such a short, perfect summary for a story. But what Punk writes even better is Scully and a quiet glimpse into her romantic mind, heart, and life.
Exquisite Corpse
By BoneTree ( and Alcott (
Sometimes dreams become reality. Or are they already?
(Vignette, Angst, MSR ** R ** 29K)
Roche's Rec: The confusion, pain, and comfort for Mulder and Scully during and after the events of season seven are explored through dreams and memories in this disquieting yet wholly romantic story.
Green Light
By JLB (
Scully, her dreams, and a sleepy Mulder in traffic...
(V, A, UST/RST? ** PG ** 10K)
Roche's Rec: JLB writes a fantastically fragile Scully and a simply breathtaking story about Scully on the edge, perhaps falling off with the help of her dreams and a handsome car companion.
Interim and Interim II: Liaison
By Denise Agnew (
I: On Halloween Scully overhears a passionate exchange between Mulder and another woman...or does she? II: Dreams link Mulder and Scully in a bizarre new way and test the strength of their beliefs and relationship.
(X, UST, Angst ** PG and PG-13 ** 18K and 26K)
Roche's Rec: When Scully gets jealous, she gets suspicious and things get interesting. Denise combines dreams, understanding, an X-File, and amusing dialogue in these quirky, fun, and surprising stories.
By nevdull (
A short little thing about two little dreams.
(R/H ** NC-17 ** 4K)
Roche's Rec: Who knew that so much wicked punch could be packed into such a little story?
Listening to Mountains Grow
By cucumberspy
His phone rings twice before I hang up, before I remember: Mulder is not there. Has not been for three days. Fear lodges cold and twisted, somewhere in my esophagus.
(SA ** R ** 27K)
Roche's Rec: Scully's emotions are all over the map after the events of "Pusher," and Mulder doesn't make things any easier. Both Mulder and Scully are so perfectly written here, but Mulder in particular is captured in an endearing mix of childish petulance and adorable graciousness.
Mighty Workings
By Plausible Deniability (
Paper-thin motel walls pose a problem for Agent Mulder.
(S, a little H ** NC-17 ** 18K)
Roche's Rec: Just read this very funny story where Mulder and Scully are so very Mulder and Scully while at the same time so not Mulder and Scully.
Only in Threes
By cgb (
"You wanted this."
(D/S/R (in a way) ** NC-17 ** 13K)
Roche's Rec: A dream distracts Reyes as she tries to start her day in this interesting story that nicely experiments with different points of view.
Paphian Dreams
By Politic X ( or
Scully ponders a series of nightmares, personal issues and a disturbingly familiar case file, while Mulder ponders the true reason for the implant.
(X, M/S UST ** Not rated ** 131K)
Roche's Rec: It's difficult to talk about this story because it is so complex, so tightly written, so conscious of Scully's past and present life, and so emotionally gripping that finding the right words to describe it all is virtually impossible. Basically, this story is breathtaking. Compare this story with Politic X's new story Reverie, a sort of reworked version of "Paphian Dreams" that involves some different characters and sheds Scully's emotions in a new yet still entirely fascinating light.
The Quiet and Safe Insanity of Dreams
By KatyBlue (
Late one night, Scully, Frohike and IM...
(MSR, SA ** Not rated ** 28K)
Roche's Rec: From the summary you may think this story is based on humor and innuendo, but while it has its fair share, the story is much more about loss, longing, fear, and friendship. KatyBlue expertly captures the sweetest and deepest essence of the characters in this truly endearing season eight story.
By Dreamshaper
Brands, dreams, nightmares, and pedestals.
(MSR, superfluff ** PG-13 ** 16K)
Roche's Rec: There is a lot of feeling and angst packed in this "superfluff." It's refreshing to see Mulder and Scully deal with their individual and collective emotional baggage in such a real, adult way, and Dreamshaper does a very good job capturing their fears and guarded language.
This Night
By Leyla Harrison
The aftermath of the end is only the beginning.
(VA, MSR ** NC-17 ** 24K)
Roche's Rec: Leyla's stories are always full of terrific, emotional passion, but this one has extra resonance following "The End." After a matching pair of dreams, Mulder and Scully wake up to the night and to each other.
By Lady Myra
Scully and Mulder are separated by fate. When she finds a way for them to be together again, can he make the sacrifice necessary to join her?
(S, R, A, AU, MSR, a bit odd ** R ** 28K)
Roche's Rec: Mulder and Scully are populating each other's dreamlike worlds and aching for each other in this gorgeous tale of requited love that may be lost. The story is a bit odd, but it is drenched with some of the most wonderful bittersweet romance you'll ever find.

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