February 25, 2003
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My days with Dana Scully were tragically few, but during my brief time with her I found that animals are frequently a part of her life and her work with Agent Mulder. The classic stories I've chosen all feature animals, from spiders to birds to cute little dogs like myself. Don't forget to send feedback to the authors because feedback is even better than a case of chewy dog bones.

New Stories
Cannibals and Chlorine: A Love Story
By Gina Rain (ginarain@aol.com)
Mulder experiences separation anxiety.
(M/S UST ** PG ** 11K)
Queequeg's Rec: Gina's touching take on Mulder's feelings after Scully's return in "One Breath" might just make your throat tighten, too. Lovely and sweet.
By Oracle (apollostemple@yahoo.com)
In the space of only seven years...
(V, A, ScullyAngst, UST, implied MSR ** PG ** 9K)
Queequeg's Rec: The contrast between Scully's lonely past and contented future is poignantly depicted in this angsty yet hopeful vignette.
False Dawn
By Emma Brightman (emmabrightman1013@yahoo.com)
Takes place between "3" and "One Breath"
(VA ** PG ** 9K)
Queequeg's Rec: Mulder's confusion, loneliness, and guilt are all marvelously explored through words that paint vivid pictures in this introspective story.
Heart Burn
By Invisigoth (Invisigoth4@lycos.com)
Foot rubs, chocolate, stuffed aliens, kisses...making do on Valentine's Day.
(SRA ** R ** 10K)
Queequeg's Rec: Oh for the love of UST. Invisigoth gives Mulder and Scully the Valentine's Day that would have been sweet to see and the one that you may hope they really had.
In Heaven's Forest
By Christine Leigh (leighchristine@hotmail.com )
Emily POV. Set during Christmas time.
(V ** G ** 4K)
Queequeg's Rec: Christine captures Emily's voice well in this short, sweet tale.
By DM (unruhe1121@hotmail.com)
"He moves closer and whispers, "do I do it for you, Scully?" He glances down to my lips and a breath hitches in my throat. He licks his lips and continues, "do I flip your switch?"
(V, R ** G ** 15K)
Queequeg's Rec: Rain King is one of those episodes that shouts for post-eps, and DM delivers a nice look at Mulder and Scully's flight home. Their conversation and resolution takes a road somewhat less taken, which makes this story stand out.
By Eodrakken Quicksilver (eo@morosophy.com)
A possession. A nightmare. A love story. A different point of view. Post-"Apocrypha".
(No classifications ** G ** 15K)
Queequeg's Rec: A well written, stunning, and intriguing story, this one will wash over you and make you think and wonder.
By amy (Spookey247) (Spookey247@yahoo.com)
Sometimes inefficient strategies are the only ones available.
(MSR, V, A ** PG ** 22K)
Queequeg's Rec: With honesty that's both painful and cathartic, this story explores Mulder and Scully's grief over the loss of William with realism and great characterization.

Classic Stories
The Better Judgment
By David Hearne (ottercrk@sover.net)
No summary
(No classifications ** PG ** 6K)
Queequeg's Rec: Scully ponders religion and judgment in reaction to her run-in with snakes in this short, insightful "Signs & Wonders" post-ep.
The Case of the Reluctant Pathologist
By aka "Jake" (nejake@tds.net)
Ever hear the X-File about the Rabbit-Man of Arizona? No? Well, get dressed in your comfiest PJs, make a nice cup of Sleepytime tea, and let me tell you a little bedtime story...
(MSR, X ** PG-13 ** 94K)
Queequeg's Rec: Mulder tells Scully a twisted tale while on a stakeout in what itself is a twisted tale in the best sense of the word.
Deliver Me
By Louise Marin (mibosh@earthlink.net)
Mulder finds a tiny little light in the dark, dark place between 'Elegy' and 'Demons.'
(SA, M/S UST; Mulder Angst ** R ** 42K)
Queequeg's Rec: This story provides layered insights into Mulder at the end of season four's high angst period when he finds comfort in an unlikely source. This scenario could easily have been unbelievable, but it's so realistic you almost think it happened, and you may wish that it had.
Deus Ex Machina
By Kelly Keil (klkeil@ameritech.net)
Scully is adopted by a cat with an ulterior motive.
(S, H, A, MSR ** R ** 36K)
Queequeg's Rec: This is one of the most unique season seven stories out there. In it you'll find a cat with great characterization (and I normally don't like cats), a frustrated Scully, and a surprising end.
By Magdeleine
Deaths in a small town, Uber-UST, and a parrot.
(Casefile, UST, Angst ** Strong R ** 442K)
Queequeg's Rec: A richly detailed casefile, this story has one of the more memorable, amusing appearances by an animal in the life of my former owner.
By Gina Rain (ginarain@aol.com)
Scully is ready for a romantic holiday weekend and finds herself part of a strange threesome.
(S, MSR ** R ** 20K)
Queequeg's Rec: I'm still the most special dog to grace either of their lives, but Harold the dog does them good too in this sweet, funny story about pets and coming together.
The Mind of a Wolf
By Narida Law (narida_law@hotmail.com)
Mulder and Scully from an observer whose ability to see extends beyond the limitations of the human eye.
(VA, Mulder/Scully UST ** PG-13 ** 31K)
Queequeg's Rec: In this intriguing story, Narida provides a peek into the mind of a character whose motivations in "Alpha" weren't completely clear.
One Fish Two Fish
By Rah (rahrahli@hotmail.com)
Scully on maternity leave.
(Angst, pregnancy, holidays, dead fish ** PG ** 33K)
Queequeg's Rec: Rah writes a wonderful story capturing Scully's grief and clutches at independence and strength after Mulder's abduction using his fish as her anchor. Terrific.
By Penumbra (penumbra23@hotmail.com)
Science and Mysticism conjoin
(S, MSR ** R ** 315K)
Queequeg's Rec: In this marvelous story that you can never read too many times, numerous animals make memorable appearances. My special favories include a picky bear, some stink ants, and an elusive Skunkape.
Queequeg Gets Even
By Laura Maher (laurama142@aol.com)
Queequeg is alive, and Queequeg is not happy. Queequeg is bent on revenge....
(H ** PG-13 ** 18K)
Queequeg's Rec: I can only wish that I was as smart, cool, and kick ass as Laura's portrayal of me in this incredibly funny and unique story.
Queequeg Gets His
By Claire Kerr
After Queequeg's death, Mulder and Scully experience some odd things.
(SH ** PG ** 7K)
Queequeg's Rec: Although definitely not what happened to me because I'm always a good dog, this story is a hilarious take on the Afterlife.
By Beatriz Owl (bea_owl@runbox.com)
"Look into the darkness, and tell me what you see."
(Vignette, MSR, A smidgen of angst ** PG-13 ** 4K)
Queequeg's Rec: Spiders play into Mulder's and Scully's longing for each other in this strangely woven but impactful tale.
Thank You, Drive Around
By nevdull (nevdull@mailcity.com)
No summary
(SAH (M/S UST) ** PG ** 22K)
Queequeg's Rec: An unusual undercover assignment puts Scully in touch with her animal side. Nevdull's story manages to be both humorous and insightful in its examination of Scully's partnership with Mulder.
By Ann K (annhkus@yahoo.com) and L'il Gusty (lil_gusty@hotmail.com)
Scully gets a dog. Mulder wonders why. The answers they uncover reveal a truth, both about themselves and their relationship.
(MSR ** PG ** 28K)
Queequeg's Rec: The summary perfectly describes this story that's told with humorous touches, layered meanings, and great dialogue.
The Watching Wall
By amerella (without_gravity@yahoo.ca)
Cartography, he had said of her once.
(UST, A ** PG ** 35K)
Queequeg's Rec: A couple of animals play at least a small role in this lush, beautiful story by amerella. The language, images, and themes in this story will probably take your breath away and make you wish for more.

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