June 20, 2003
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You may think of me as just another one of those paranoid dudes from The Lone Gunmen, but I also happen to have great taste in music and an extensive collection of concert t-shirts to prove it. The following classic stories all feature music, so put on a good CD, read for a while, and don't forget to send feedback -- it's better than finally meeting Joey Ramone.

New Stories
All Things Considered
By DM (unruhe1121@hotmail.com)
"'The truth,' I laugh to myself. The truth is out there, all right, but it certainly isn't in this room."
(V, R, Mulder/Scully Romance ** PG ** 13K)
Langly's Rec: DM tackles the immediate aftermath of "all things" with a sweet clarity that's a quiet joy to read. Mulder and Scully are somehow different than we see on the show, gentler perhaps, but it's a side to them that fits perfectly after this episode and is well told here.
Broken Lines in the Sand
By little cat feet
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 3K)
Langly's Rec: A short story, but one packed with wonderful peeks at Scully's insular yet soft self.
Elegy with a Feather Falling Inside It
By Bonetree (bonetree@aol.com)
A crow's feather, a motel room and a lesson before dying.
(Vignette, UST ** PG ** 11K)
Langly's Rec: Life, death, and faith are explored in this lovely vignette written in Bonetree's insightful and poetic style.
The Future
By Rain (raining_lizards@sympatico.ca)
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 10K)
Langly's Rec: Rain writes sparkling dialogue in this wrenching yet playful glimpse of Mulder and Scully post "The Truth." And it features music to boot!
Golden Chances
By Gina Rain (ginarain@aol.com)
Mulder. Scully. Atlantic City. Gambling. Disorganized crime. Psychics. Spirits. Soul mates. Take your pick. It's all in there.
(X, MSR ** R ** 122K)
Langly's Rec: Gina writes a charming casefile where the city and the people found there are almost as interesting to read about as the familiar characters. It's only "almost" because in this case centered on love, Mulder and Scully are the delectable main attraction, testing and evaluating their changing relationship.
I'm Not Really a Waitress
By Seema (seemag1@yahoo.com)
Post-series vignette. Sequel to When Stars are Bright.
(V ** Not rated ** 25K)
Langly's Rec: Life on the road, waiting for the end of the world, is bound to take its toll. In this angsty story, part of an excellent series set after "The Truth," Seema realistically explores Scully's frustration and weariness. The whole series (starting with Mosaic and Another Day) is worth checking out, but this story can easily stand on its own.
In the Blue
By JET (jetpaine@yahoo.com)
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 9K)
Langly's Rec: I adore Mulder in Scully in this story because they're so convincingly real, bantering and plotting through a tense and surprising Friday evening.
Inside the Cards
By Oracle (apollostemple@yahoo.com)
She left him there in the dark with her lie, and now the truth won't leave her alone.
(SRA, Mulder/Scully Romance ** PG-13 ** 26K)
Langly's Rec: There's little more painful than knowing you've hurt someone you care about. Mulder and Scully have wounded each other terribly in this soul-searching story set after "One Son." Will they find a way to forgive and move forward together? Read on and find out.
Just Desserts
By Forte (Bjm1352@aol.com)
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
(SRH, MSR PWP ** NC-17 ** 21K)
Langly's Rec: This is perhaps not the most believable story recommended this month, but it's a fun, sexy PWP in the classic "smutbiscuit" style. It's hard to believe it's the author's first NC-17 attempt.
No Light
By Gina Rain (ginarain@aol.com)
Mulder takes care of Scully as she recovers. Or is it the other way around?
(S, A, UST ** PG-13 ** 14K)
Langly's Rec: Scully helps Mulder get through a dark time after the events of "Tithonus" in this insightful, UST-laden story.
Out of the Mist Your Voice is Calling
By Maureen B. Ocks (maureen_b_ocks@yahoo.com)
300 words. E-Muse/Scullyfic Songfic challenge.
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 2K)
Langly's Rec: Maureen's dialogue shines in this short "Kill Switch" piece, and Mulder and Scully's discussion fits in perfectly with this update's music theme.

Classic Stories
Belmont, Ohio, 3:36 P.M.
By Sarah Segretti (mrsblome@yahoo.com)
A minivan, some classic rock and a trunk full of baby gear. All is not as it appears.
(VRA ** PG ** 19K)
Langly's Rec: A truly delightful yet devilishly sad story following Mulder and Scully sometime after "Requiem," this one will leave you not knowing whether to laugh or to cry but knowing that you just read a terrific story with great dialog and ideas.
Burning in Heaven
By Lydia Bower (w.bower@mchsi.com)
Continues the final scene of Redux II. A late-night celebration in a hospital room.
(V ** PG-13 ** 27K)
Langly's Rec: This story is simply beautiful. It paints wonderful pictures, conveys touching emotions, and captures a completely stunning Mulder and Scully so well that sometimes I forget that it wasn't shown on screen and that I didn't hear the music being played myself.
Cadenza, part 1 and part 2
By Terma99
Mulder and Scully return to San Francisco to protect a cursed violin virtuoso whose life is endangered by mysteries from the past.
(X, M/S-UST, Mulder/Other, slash ** NC-17 ** 631K)
Langly's Rec: Music infuses this amazing novel. With clear, crisp writing, a complicated, well-developed, and engrossing original character, and a vast, detailed casefile, Terma99 creates an immensely enjoyable tale that will not only intrigue you but teach you a lot about music, history, and Mulder.
Chantilly Lace
By Corinne Hansen (hansenc@internetx.net)
A haunting and recurring nightmare of Mulder's death causes Scully to think she's losing her mind.
(MSR, S, R, A--Scully POV ** R ** 39K)
Langly's Rec: In my experience, music is usually great fun and a great comfort, even when one particular song gets stuck in my head because only songs that rock get stuck in my head. Scully, however, is tormented by a song running through her head in this unique, astute story of suspense, intrigue, and desire.
False Memories
By Zuffy (zuffynuffy@yahoo.com)
Two years have passed since Mulder left. And then a woman walks into a bar.
(MSR ** PG ** 24K)
Langly's Rec: An old song playing in the background at a bar is just one clue Scully receives about a stranger's identity in this story. Zuffy writes with a great understanding of Scully's vulnerability and strength, as well as with a fine attention to detail.
The God of Your Whims
By Livia Balaban (livia@stoodjood.com)
Mulder makes some big decisions when he discovers Scully's deceit.
(S, A, H, heaps of MSR ** R ** 100K)
Langly's Rec: What a wild ride! Livia twists and turns surprises for both Mulder and Scully in this story that gets its start (in maybe more ways than one) in music.
Guitar Hero
By Alicia K. (aliciak1013@yahoo.com)
Mulder's been returned, but with a new . . . uh, quirk.
(H ** PG ** 11K)
Langly's Rec: In one of the funniest X-Files stories you'll ever find, Alicia's Mulder is more occupied with music than I have ever been.
Last Dance At The Black Lake Diner
By CazQ (CazQ@tesco.net)
A late night on the road, a diner, some coffee, an invitation...
(UST/mood piece ** PG ** 13K)
Langly's Rec: Everything in CazQ's story, including (and maybe especially) the music, is sweet, enviably well-written, captivating, and romantic. Believe me, you want to read and savor this one.
Long Play
By Lysandra (Lysandra31@aol.com)
Mulder and Scully get rid of the dust.
(Story/Romance, MSR ** NC-17 ** 25K)
Langly's Rec: In this steamy story, Scully's discovery of a stack of vinyl records in Mulder's bedroom leads to a passionate encounter. Lysandra's Mulder is refreshingly realistic and guy-like, making the romance sweet, but never too sappy.
The Provisional World
By Buckingham (buckingham15@yahoo.com)
Staying connected
(M/S, A ** Not rated ** 19K)
Langly's Rec: Sometimes even the strongest of people can feel overwhelmed and uncentered, which Buckingham shows with grace, sharp detail, affecting emotion, and a smattering of music in this season nine look at Scully.
By Anjou (Anjou@rocketmail.com)
First in a series. Perfect is story two. A road trip with Mulder and Scully; a trip inside their heads and hearts. While on assignment to A.D. Kersh on a seemingly innocuous case in Nebraska, Mulder and Scully reflect on their relationship and its progress.
(MSR(UST), A, X non-paranormal casefile ** PG-13, R for occasional language ** 103K)
Langly's Rec: Mulder and Scully share a "Dead Can Dance" song and a quiet, tender moment in this first story in Anjou's lovely Speechless series.
Thirty-four Minutes in the Life of Brian
By Pteropod (beth_monster@yahoo.com)
Thirty-four minutes on a day between Je Souhaite and Requiem.
(MSR ** PG ** 5K)
Langly's Rec: Monty Python, singing, and innuendo. This story has it all. Pteropod writes fabulous dialog that shows Mulder and Scully simply enjoying themselves and each other.
Tower of Song
By David Hearne (ottercrk@sover.net)
A sequel to "Misunderstood." Mulder and Scully are old folks now. He takes Scully, her daughter and her granddaughter to the zoo.
(S ** PG ** 12K)
Langly's Rec: Mulder and Scully spend time together years in the future and share a trip to the zoo, plenty of delightful and playful yet serious dialog, and a song accompanied by a healthy heaping of exquisite pure love and respect. Although a sequel, I think this story can stand on its own.

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