January 15, 2004
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It's no secret that our favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve. If we could travel through time, we'd always choose that, our special day. These stories all take us close as we can get, many of the new stories taking place on or around Christmas Eve and all the classic stories featuring time travel. Ghosts can do a lot of things mere mortals can't, but even we can't travel through time or make it Christmas year round. Thank goodness for fic. And for unsuspecting people curious about the old haunted house at the end of the street.

New Stories
Bleeding Kansas
By Maidenjedi (texgoddess@yahoo.com)
William is by no means a normal kid, and someone still has to protect him. Will she succeed?
(William, Marita, post-series, hints of MSR, K/Ma, Marita/Jeffrey ** R ** 52K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: William is absolutely fascinating here - he's a kid, but he's precocious and acts with a sort of control that's very mature yet still very much young and innocent. This story's a quiet sort of heartbreaker.
Christmas Eve 2003, 4:20 p.m.
By Forte (Bjm1352@aol.com or Forte1354@aol.com)
You're allowed to have help when you need it.
(VA ** PG ** 14K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: It's a Christmas story with a kind, caring Doggett and a sort of deceitful yet sweet twist. What's not to love?!
A Cup of Kindness
By Maureen B. Ocks (maureen_b_ocks@yahoo.com)
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 8K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Maureen's dialogue is as charming as ever in this absolutely delightful follow-up to "Millenium."
Dumb Luck
By Lara Means (larameansxf@earthlink.net)
"Bad blood and ghosts wrapped tight around me..." Bob Fassl's legacy.
(V, "Underneath" post-ep ** PG ** 8K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Lara has a marvelous handle on Doggett and Reyes, writing them with distinct emotions and their own voices that seamlessly blend with their characters onscreen. If you don't remember the events or ending of "Underneath," don't worry. This story's quiet nighttime talk provides necessary background and focuses on the characters.
By Elizabeth Rowandale (bstrbabs@earthlink.net)
A rough night in a station house in Jersey.
(Story, Angst, M/S UST ** R ** 30K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Elizabeth has a terrific handle on Mulder and Scully, describing their mannerisms, thoughts, doubts, and desires with such refreshing clarity and depth. This story reads like a scene you wish you saw onscreen.
By bcfan (bcfan@shaw.ca)
No summary
(MSR ** Not rated ** 2K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Scully prompts Mulder with a few gifts to share a little history in this short, sweet story.
Home for Christmas
By Donna (donnah@donnas-stories.com)
Just a little Christmas present
(MSR ** G ** 8K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This conversation-laden story is simply happy and a pleasure to read.
In the Bleak Midwinter
By ML (msnsc21@aol.com)
Scully finds some unexpected support when she needs it most.
(Vignette, Angst ** PG ** 19K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: ML taps into Scully's painful emotions during season eight and treats them with great respect and gravity even as they're used as a springboard for a Christmas story. And even though we never knew much about Scully's family, here they're just right.
In the Moment
By dtg (dgoggans@earthlink.net)
"There may be some truths you're not ready to hear."
(MSR ** PG-13 ** 26K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Scully comes to understand the events of "Monday" in this interesting, well-paced post-ep story. The ending in particular is moving and terrific.
In Trutina
By Seema (seemag1@yahoo.com)
Doggett receives a postcard. Takes place several months after the events in "The Truth".
(Doggett/Reyes with shades of MSR ** Not rated ** 15K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: I love the character relationships in this story. Everyone is amidst complicated, uncertain, and even dire situations, but there's a measured ease and calm throughout the story thanks in large part to Seema's excellent voice of Doggett.
Love Letters
By TCS1121 (tcs1121@hotmail.com)
Some things are supposed to happen.
(X, Angst, MSR ** R ** 67K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This casefile is a great ride from start to finish, mixing a tantalizing, puzzling mystery with smart smatterings of the trials and tribulations of romance. Although this story is part of a virtual season and has backstory, I think it stands perfectly well on its own.
By Bonetree (bonetree@aol.com)
Christmas Eve on Highway 50, New Mexico, 2007.
(V, MSR, A ** NC-17 ** 8K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Bonetree clearly has a fondness for Mulder and Scully, as they're written here with intelligence, feeling, and seriousness that reflect their solitary Christmas Eve.
Snippetfic from Small Lives Awake sequel
By JET (curried_goates@yahoo.com)
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 6K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: JET writes Mulder and Scully so sweetly yet with just a hard enough edge that they're still Mulder and Scully. You can eat them up in this story with a spoon they're so perfectly delicious!
The Sound of a Train at Midnight
By little cat feet
They both have memories, and now they're making a new one.
(No classifications ** PG ** 7K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: It's difficult for a story about characters as serious and as emotionally insular as Mulder and Scully to strike a good, believable balance between romance and past or present angst, but this story about a calm, comforting night has just the right sweet, sentimental tone.
Untitled: Scenes for Quiescence
By JET (curried_goates@yahoo.com)
Post-"The Truth"
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 20K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This story is so very, very lovely. Mulder and Scully are on the run and in a less than perfect situation for the holidays, but the hope theme from the end of "The Truth" plays a role here and finds them with a sense of peace.
Water's Edge
By Elizabeth Rowandale (bstrbabs@earthlink.net)
Believing Mulder dead, Scully slowly moves on to a new life (or an old one). But perhaps the adventure has not yet ended...:)
(S, A, R, Scully/Other, MSR ** NC-17 ** 970K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Elizabeth's years-in-the-works WIP is done! The story starts with the tried and true X-Files theme of Mulder being dead...or is he, brings Daniel Waterston back into Scully's life, and follows Scully through a spellbinding two year journey, a tumultuous mix of horrifying and joyous events after Mulder disappears. It's not always an easy tale to read, but the writing is so crisp, clear, and emotionally charged that it's a very compelling, engaging story.

Classic Stories
By Jess (snarkypup@mindspring.com)
Mulder and Scully must decide whether the possibility of saving the world would be worth never knowing the other existed.
(UST, MSR, X-File ** PG-13 ** 52K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This story is a gem! It's got smart dialogue, Roswell, glorious UST, throwbacks to "The Unnatural," and a time traveling X-File all wrapped up in a 1947 package tied with a big bow of delicious romance.
Convergence At Baker Street
By Jeannine Ackerson (jtrevizo@comcast.net)
M&S are thrown through time and wind up helping Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve a puzzling case while they hope to find a way home in the process.
(UST ** PG ** 80K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: If you don't think too much about how Mulder and Scully should maybe be more concerned about getting home than the murder mystery they find in another time, this story is a fun romp. Mulder is particular amusing while working with Sherlock Holmes.
By Louise Marin (mibosh@earthlink.net)
Scully does a little body-swapping of her own. Can she and Mulder make it back to each other? Do they want to?
(S, R, A, UST, MSR ** NC-17 ** 205K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: If you haven't already read this incredible story, you should schedule some time to read it. Same goes for if you've already read it. The pacing is quick, the emotions are sharp, and the story will stick with you for a long time.
Eleventh Hour
By Rachel Anton (RAnton1013@aol.com)
Some feeling defy the confines of time.
(S, R, MSR, angst, kinda sorta an x-file, pre x-files ** NC-17 ** 202K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: What's amazing in this story is that Mulder and Scully are younger versions of themselves yet they're both completely recognizable and full of the traits they matured into at the ages we saw them on the show. Also amazing here is the tender, sweet romance and the animalistic way Scully finally makes up her mind.
The Magicians Series Books I-IV and Book 3.5, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4
By Jennifer Lyon (Jenni10647@aol.com) (I-IV), Suzanne Bickerstaffe (ecksphile@earthlink.net) (All), and Matthew Weed (matthew.weed@yale.edu) (3.5)
The series begins with Book I: Mulder and Scully investigate the appearance of a strange creature in an MIT laboratory, and find themselves drawn though a vortex into another world - a world where magic works - a world that is threatened by a terrible darkness.
(Adventure, Romance ** NC-17 ** 3.5M [741K, 689K, 1M, 573K, 495K])
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: There's nothing else like this epic tale. I hope you have A LOT of spare time in 2004 to read this most intricate and intriguing of X-Files stories.
Out of Time
By Steven Han
Scully is shot and killed by terrorists and Mulder jumps back and forth in time, trying desperately to both save her and stop his sister's abduction.
(T ** PG ** 89K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Very early X-Files fanfic stories can be interesting to read because the characterizations of Mulder and Scully are simpler and softer in a way, with Mulder and Scully not yet having gone through the wringer many, many times. So, get yourself in a very early season two mindset and enjoy this time travel tale that wraps political conspiracy into Mulder's personal quest.
The River Crossing
By Todd China
Mulder and Scully uncover a massive conspiracy involving time travel.
(No classifications ** PG-13 ** 58K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: You'll be kept on your toes as you read this story that jumps back and forth in time and follows the adventures of many different characters (including the Lone Gunmen!), but it's worth sticking through to the end when everything is tied together, with a little romance to boot.
The Sin Eater
By Jane Mortimer (JaneMort@aol.com)
A story about alternatives, or the lack of them.
(No classifications ** G ** 48K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: This story is stunning. It's deceit, trust, confusion, and desire layered in mystery and unraveled bit by bit. It's intense, puzzling, smart, and jaw-dropping. Read it.
Split Second
By aka "Jake" (nejake@tds.net)
While investigating a kidnapping case on an island off the coast of Maine, Mulder and Scully are separated -- by 178 years. Scully is desperate to solve the case and get Mulder back to the present.
(X; R; A ** PG ** 100K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: The casefile in this story is mystical and intriguing, and it's fun to read a story featuring a nice, old-fashioned mystery. But most enjoyable in this story is the comfortable, caring, and easy rapport Mulder and Scully have with each other as evidenced by their amusing banter and desire and devotion to be together.
By JessM (snarkypup@mindspring.com)
Mulder gives new meaning to the words "Type A personality".
(X-File, UST ** PG ** 39K)
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: Been waiting years for Mulder and Scully to finally move forward in their relationship? Mulder makes a fast move in this story, quite literally.
The Wish I, II, and III
By viXen (xfvixen@yahoo.com)
I: On St. Patrick's Day, Scully is given the opportunity to see how life could be different had alternate paths been chosen. II: Mulder takes a drive that sends him on an unexpected journey. III: Mulder and Scully face the implications of their dreams.
(SRA ** NC-17 ** 212K [64K, 89K, & 59K])
Maurice and Lyda's Rec: An absolutely fantastic series that tackles the big Are Mulder And Scully Fated Mates question with great writing, surprising scenarios, and terrific smut. It doesn't exactly feature time travel, but it's so good that Mulder and Scully being in different, alternate times is close enough to match the theme.

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