March 19, 2003
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Since I was incinerated before I could see colonization for myself, the next best thing is reading about it, and the following classic post colonization stories are excellent. With so many great post-col stories out there, I'm sure to be back to recommend more one day. My power in the real world may not be what it once was, but here on the other side I'm still calling the shots, and that's just the way I like it.

Now if only they had Morleys in the afterlife...

New Stories
Apparent Inability
By Oracle (
Some use words, others use silence.
(SRA ** R ** 14K)
CSM's Rec: In this angsty story, Scully's and Mulder's conflicting inward and outward feelings are explored post "all things." The characters are drawn very well, their thoughts and actions playing as if this is just what happened off screen.
The Bar Scene: Better Light
By Michelle Kiefer (
His recognition of her had been that of one damaged person to another--each of them a few fragments short of completion. There was nothing more.
(V, A ** PG-13 ** 16K)
CSM's Rec: Years may have passed since "The Field Where I Died," but viewers and writers alike are still fascinated by the happenings in Apison, Tennessee. In Michelle's story, Mulder and Scully discuss the case and its meaning for their partnership. Great insights, characterization, and UST.
The Best Medicine
By ML (
A little trip into AU territory after "Pine Bluff Variant."
(Vignette, MSR ** NC-17 ** 50K)
CSM's Rec: Although this story is AU, you may quickly forget that since ML makes the events seem just right. Mulder's humor, insecurity, and confidence all come together wonderfully in this sweet tale of partnership.
Colorblind, Parts 1, 2, and 3
By Humbuggie (
Scully is badly hurt during a stakeout turned disaster. Mulder retreats within himself, trying to cope with the drama as he frantically looks for her attacker.
(MSR, MT, Lots of Angst, ST, and Skinner-friendship ** Not rated ** 80K)
CSM's Rec: If you quickly develop a heavy, anxious, angsty lump in your stomach while reading this story, don't say I didn't warn you. Humbuggie writes an emotionally tortured Mulder with such great ease and detail that you can't help but feel his pain and determination and be enthralled.
The Fourth Breath
By Mish (
Sometimes it takes more than one breath. Or two, or three...
(SA, MSR, AU ** PG ** 19K)
CSM's Rec: Fairytale intertwines with real life drama in Mish's poignant, romantic story.
How to Do Like This
By Jaime Lyn ( or
Post 'Requiem,' pre 'This Is Not Happening.'
(No classifications ** PG ** 16K)
CSM's Rec: Scully's anguish and struggle to survive without Mulder during his abduction are beautifully rendered in this sad but lovely story.
By Emma Brightman (
A late night diner trip provides Doggett with some unexpected clarity.
(VA ** PG ** 22K)
CSM's Rec: Emma writes a beautiful story about where some agents may have found themselves after The Truth. While not providing answers so much as clues and glimpses, this story paints a wonderful, touching picture of people's lives.
What Partnership is About
By Anna Greenway (
A post episode story for En Ami. Mulder and Scully play Monopoly.
(UST ** PG ** 13K)
CSM's Rec: Mulder and Scully sort through trust and partnership issues through an unlikely source after my trip to the country with Agent Scully in this metaphor-laden story.
Woven Deep
By Maureen B. Ocks (
No summary
(No classifications ** Not rated ** 53K)
CSM's Rec: In this tremendously moving story surrounding the events of The Sixth Extinction and Amor Fati, Maureen tells the tale of Mulder and Scully healing in more ways than one. It's beautiful in its characterization and simple romance.

Classic Stories
By ga (
Immunity seemed like such a good idea at the time.
(AU, Post-col, MSR ** NC-17 ** 15K)
CSM's Rec: ga's story is suitably dark and angsty, like most post-col tales, but there's also a streak of black humor throughout that makes for a very entertaining read.
Ask About the Weather
By Rachel Howard (
Post-colonization, MS
(V ** PG ** 17K)
CSM's Rec: I appreciate the way that Rachel packs a lot of information and insinuations in such a small package. Plus, there's baseball nostalgia and Scully in that annoying, compassionate take no prisoners mode of hers.
Atomic-Powered Sex
By Ten (
As colonisation sweeps the land, salvation is at hand.
(V, MSR, H ** PG-13 ** 19K)
CSM's Rec: This is not your typical post-col story. Through a very humorous scenario, Ten provides an answer to at least one question that many people, including you, probably wondered about for years.
Blinded by White Light
By Dasha K. (
What are we, but the sum of our memories?
(SRA ** NC-17 ** 283K)
CSM's Rec: Dasha writes a seminally fabulous story tracking two people aching to remember, aching for what's lost, and simply aching for more.
Drive, He Said
By Jennifer Oksana (
Where do you go when there's nowhere left?
(V, A, character death, MSR ** R ** 10K)
CSM's Rec: You wouldn't think that such a deep, mournful, moving story could be told in just 10K. Scully's so painfully vivid it hurts.
Edge of Field
By Lisby (
"I was...curious about my Secret Admirer. Someone was taking fine care of me and I needed to know who and why."
(Story, Angst, Post-Colonization, MulderTorture ** PG with an edge ** 65K)
CSM's Rec: And what an intriguing, unqiue Secret Admirer it is! Lisby's post-col world is unique in that it brings the characters back in time, sort of, and together by coincidence, sort of. A mysterious story that will keep you guessing and wondering, give this story that's about the ties that bind a try.
Equanimity part 1, part 2
By LuvTheBeez
Mulder's sudden return coincides with the start of colonization. Was he sent home for a reason?
(MSR, Post-Colonization ** NC-17 ** 222K)
CSM's Rec: This story differs from most post-cols in that it starts before colonization and presents what might at first seem to be a happy reunion and hopeful beginning, and then it delves into the reasons for colonization and what it means for the characters. This story also packs some hefty romantic wallops and some dire adventures that make it stand out.
In the Bleak
By Teanna (
In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan/Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone.
(S, Post-colonization ** PG-13 ** 32K)
CSM's Rec: In this story, colonization doesn't strengthen Mulder's or Scully's resolve to fight or a encourage a gathering of will. Rather, colonization hurts, and that is painfully, honestly described in this story.
Journal 1999 and Journal 2000
By MD1016 (
(TAR ** NC-17 ** 193K and 432K)
CSM's Rec: These two stories have a little bit of everything: adventure, tragedy, romance, angst. Above all they're about the undying bond between Mulder and Scully, and the hope and love that grows between them during the most dangerous of times.
Left Standing
By Maidenjedi (
When the world ends, you have to find comfort in those left standing.
(Mulder/Reyes comfort, post-col, post-series, character death ** R ** 43K)
CSM's Rec: Don't let the classifications scare you away. This story's written so visually with such tactile language that you can see it, feel it, and understand it. It's sad, but also full of hope and life.
Letters of Transit part 1, part 2
By Loch Ness (
It's 1999--"The Date" has come and gone, the "Project" is under way, and deadly bees have been unleashed on North America. With the world coming apart and people scrambling to get away from the swarm, Mulder faces fateful decisions about his own role in events to come--and about Scully.
(Post-col ** Not rated ** 232K)
CSM's Rec: In this amazing story, you'll read about many people you're familiar with, including me. Truly, this story has an incredible colonization storyline with an undercurrent of angst and longing that will blow you away from start to finish.
Looking for America and Marry Our Fortunes
By Alicia K. (
In a post-colonization world, a lonely woman named Kate befriends a lonely FBI agent with a dark heart. I wonder who that is? --and-- Sequel to "Looking For America." Kate and Mulder arrive in Vancouver, only to be used again as pawns in the game.
(Post-colonization, major character dead at the beginning of the story, Mulder/Other, Angst ** PG-13, R ** 46K, 158K)
CSM's Rec: What would you do at the end of the world? Would you have the strength to do anything? Looking for America explores these questions through a woman easy to sympathize with because of Alicia's smooth prose and clear descriptions. In Marry Our Fortunes, Scully's not physically around, but she's definitely present and that makes it all the more difficult for both Mulder and Kate to adjust to their new lives in this more mytharc-based sequel.
Night Giving Off Flames
By JET (
"Yet from those flames no light, but rather darkness visible."
(Angst, Oddness, M/S, Quasi-Post-Colonization AU ** Not rated ** 53K)
CSM's Rec: This is one of those stories you'll read again and again, each time catching some new detail that will take your breath away. JET's poetic storytelling is at its best in this gorgeous tale of loss and redemption.
Novus Ordo Seclorum part 1, part 2
By Rebecca Rusnak (
The Date has come. In a post-Project world, mankind has been enslaved and largely silenced. For over three years Scully has existed in a dark netherworld of slavery. Voluntarily entering this hell, Mulder goes in search of her.
(TRA ** NC-17 ** 174K)
CSM's Rec: You can feel Mulder's and Scully's pain in this sometimes gruesome, sometimes hopeful, and always angstful story about the will to survive and the endurance of love.
Odi Et Amo
By Mia Munro (
In the hell of post-colonization two people meet.
(SKipper, AU, PWP, Post-Colonization ** R ** 61K)
CSM's Rec: This story isn't so much about colonization as it is about the pressures, desires, sacrifices, and values that colonization develops (or exacerbates) in Krycek and Scully. Gritty and tense, this story's worth your time.
One One-thousand
By Nevdull (
Waiting for the last ball to drop.
(XA ** R ** 18K)
CSM's Rec: As a child Mulder had nightmares about being the only person left on earth. After reading this dark, chilling story, it's easy to see why.
By Gwendolyn
Scully is a Prisoner of War, a woman without a past or a future, until an old friend arrives.
(S, A, Post-Colonization, MSR (Implied) ** PG-13 ** 28K)
CSM's Rec: Gwendolyn writes a perfect Scully not because she's like the Scully on TV but because she's not. She's changed in this colonized world, but it's undeniably Scully, a tested, lost, changed Scully, and her words sent shivers down my spine from start to finish.
Portions of Eternity
By Dianora
In the post-colonization world, a very changed Mulder and Scully struggle to find their way back to each other - both physically and emotionally.
(S, R, A ** NC-17 ** 241K)
CSM's Rec: There's a little bit of everything in this story, from frantic adventure to standing still, from love to hate, from life to death, from comfort to hurt. Once you start reading, you'll probably want the story to keep going for an eternity it's that engaging.

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